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Metal Maniacs July, 2003

Thrashhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! You want it? you got it! Soulless delivers tenfold what so many so-called, newer 'thrash' bands of today promise but sadly very often don't deliver!From ohio, this 5-piece monster attacks your listening senses with just straight ahead power and a metal forcefulness not often seen 'properly' in the genre anymore! Comparisons aren't needed nor wanted! These guys got their 'thing' and do it very, very well!!! What will you get for your thrash metal buying dollar? You'll get vicious guitars, screaming and shrieking vocals that fit nicely, and some great 'accurate' drum fills as well! You'll also get solid production, some very nice melodies amongst the mayhem to keep your ears 'tuned' and let you know these guys still remember Priest and Maiden as well as Whiplash and Razor. It's a quick shoot (running time just under 34 minutes!), but you'll get ten tracks with titles like 'Terror of Twilight' and 'The Soulscythe'. Every track is a complete WINNER and in the end that's all you can really ask for. Hats off to the band for keeping intense and convincing U.S. thrash alive, and to WorldChaos records (out of Japan) for putting this metal music out to us freaks from the hearse!!!
Oh darkness, feed the cold end of the light!!! a MUST!!!!
King Fowley


Metal-Rules Webzine

SOULLESS - Agonys Lament
April 2003 | Released: 2002, World Chaos | Rating: 4.5/5 | Reviewer: JP

Yet another band with the word ‘Soul’ in their name. Guys! Check on the net BEFORE you pick a band name! A quick search on the net revealed thirty (yes, 30) hard rock/metal bands with the word Soul in their band name. It’s been done to death and there is a Brazilian band called Soulless already. The genre is competitive enough without potentially shooting yourself in the foot by aligning your name too closely with a bunch of other bands. However, I’m most fans will be able to tell them apart.

The first non-Japanese band on the Japanese World Chaos label and what a band! These American’s absolutely rip. This five piece act hails from Ohio, (the epi-center of American metal?) and have classic written all over them...literally! There are several band photos and they sport various t-shirts by Black Sabbath, Testament, Destructor, Judas Priest, DBC, Razor, Voivod, Motorhead and others.

The packaging is gorgeous and eye catching. The cover is really cool. There is a victim being impaled and suspended by chains which has been done many times before, but the cool thing is the colour scheme. It is done in yellow, which you don’t usually see in metal very often. The art was done by Max Cavotta, ( He has done the cover art for a couple of other underground death/thrash bands. I hope to see his gorgeous work more often. There are lots of notes, photos and full lyrics. Excellent presentation!

Sonically these guys have the ability to reduce you to ash. A blitzkrieg of speed and savagery, with riff after riff, wave after wave of relentless shredding. Not surprising as there are two lead guitarists who share the spotlight quite equally. The vocals of Jim Luppucci and spat forth with venom and hostility. He is responsible for the lyrics too which might explain the vocal intensity. I’ve felt that a singer who is singing his own words can deliver them with a little more heartfelt conviction.

The production is quite modern but not really the Gothenburg sound. The mix is nice, everything is clear and loud and there a few studio tricks here and there to spice up the proceedings. The drumming is fast but not blast beats or constant double kicks making this is for a good head-banging record. This disc has ten great songs, catchy as hell without descending into mediocrity driven by keyboards for example.

A true, straight-ahead thrash record for those who agonize and lament that classic thrash is no longer produced. This one is for the unbelievers!


Metal Judgement

The first American band signed to Japan's WorldChaos label, Cleveland's Soulless have come out with a gem of a record in Agony's Lament. Thrash is the word of the day, as these guys combine the retro and present day scenes in a blistering release that deserves significant attention. Fans of Slayer, Kreator, and Sodom will be able to enjoy this one as well as newer thrash fans that got interested through bands like The Haunted, Defleshed, and Darkane.
Every song on this album is killer, and the artwork also adds to the enjoyment of the record. As good as I believe the new The Haunted record is, I began listening to this one right after it, and it didn't feel I was missing a step. These guys have the songwriting and the chops to play alongside the big boys, and I have a strong feeling that they will get their due relatively soon as a result of this record. Consisting of guitarists Jim Corrick and Wayne Richards, bassist Dave Johnson, vocalist Jim Lippucci and drummer Chris Dora, Soulless come across as nothing less then a tight unit that are hitting on all cylinders.

It's hard not to compare Mr. Lippucci's vocals to Death's late-great frontman Chuck Schuldiner, as he spits words out with piss and vile that adds a splendid intensity to the music. And while these guys are no doubt a thrash band, I hear subtle influences from other modern metal acts like Cradle of Filth and the melodic death scene. These influences are much milder, but they are there and assist in making an all around successful album.

As much as I like this album, there really isn't much else to say. It would be pointless to go down track by track telling you what I think about them, because they are all awesome. I only hope that this band continues to get more and more attention, (and hopefully they'll make their way to NYC to play a few gigs, I don't like feeling jealous of Cleveland, for Satan's sake!) as they truly deserve it. Should you go out of your way to buy it? Only if you like well-written, well-produced, well-presented kick-ass metal. One word review: Blistering. Metal


Brave words and Bloody Knuckles #64
Signed to the same Japanese label that unleashed King's Evil onto an unsuspecting public, the winner of BWBK's Best Demo of '99 took a while torelease their debut, but the Cleveland, Ohio area outfit certainly deliver a powerful noise, with a twist of Gothenburg ('Agonies'). Inhabiting a similar thrash realm to their Far East contemporaries, the vocal performance is a little gruffer, a hoarse rasp, and occasionally, the guitars more skilled/technical ('The Soul Scythe'). That said, Agony's Lament is a class thrash album, through and through, recalling the best of yesteryear, today. 'Suffer The Fallen' leads directly into 'The Fleet Of Fury', with its troop marching sound effect. Once past, a tasteful, channel switching guitar 'duel' breaks out. Nice way to close the disc! The import might be hard to locate, but look for it!

Mark Gromen 7.5


The Metal Gospel

SOULLESS - Agony´s Lament (World Chaos Prod.~2002)
I had been waiting with fevered anticipation for USA´s SOULLESS to release their first label backed album and I can honestly say that wait was damn well worth it ! This album smokes from the beginning to end with loads of excellent Thrashy riffs and the classic rough screams of Jim Lippucci. These guys have always had a very mature level of song composition and cohesiveness, this album is no different. They are ready to lead the pack when it comes to Thrashy music. This is a "BUY OR DIE !" situation and has a high neckbreaking risk so beware !


The Metal Observer

Val's Review:
An American band, which has its name from a Swedish Death Metal classic and releases its albums via an Japanese label? Ladies and Gentlemen: Here's SOULLESS.
They are five thoroughbred Metal fans from Cleveland, Ohio, and they are here to kick the ass of the Thrash Metal scene with their second album "Agony's Lament". And the chances aren't too bad. Though, they don't reinvent this genre but less discs of the extreme genres made so much fun recently. Don't be scarred of the harsh front cover, which reminds of the first edition of AUTOPSY's debut classic "Severed Survival", but the music is too good.

SOULLESS deliver us heavy stuff, based on the rhythm patterns of RAZOR's "Decibles" album, with brutal riffs, like one knows from DESTRUCTION's "The Antichrist" album, alike the melody understanding of elder Swedish bands like AT THE GATES or CENTINEX. Partly they slightly integrate newer KREATOR and INFERNÄL MAJESTY in their "None Shäll Defy"-period, which rounds the album off. The crown of this mixture are the vocals, which sounds like a combination of Darren Travis (SADUS) and Schmier (DESTRUCTION). (Online March 24, 2003)

Thomas' Review
Don't get tricked by the artwork, closer to a good old AUTOPSY than to anything else… SOULLESS don't play Death Metal, far from that, but old school European Thrash Metal! And still they are a band coming from the asshole of the USA, and whose "Agony's Lament" is the first album ever, released by a Japanese label. Don't try to understand, and keep on drinking your beer!
Anyway with SOULLESS, you'll mostly feel a German vision of Metal, or maybe a Swedish one, but it's definitely very hard to say that those guys are from Cleveland… Anyway, "Agony's Lament" contains ten tracks of peachy Metal, evoking the old KREATOR or DESTRUCTION, but to whom would have been added some Heavy Metal touches, as well as some Swedish Death Metal touches à la old IN FLAMES or CENTINEX.

Whatever that is, it's a cool album to listen to, even if it's not that transcendental, and that the singer could be a little bit better. But well done guys… (Online May 5, 2003)


Eternal Frost #14

THRASH! And fucking awesome thrash it is! I'm disappointed, but only in the fact that I knew about these guys and the accolades bestowed upon them, and never took time to check them out. Agony's Lament is this Ohio quintet's second album, following up 1999's much-lauded The Darkening of Days, released on the increasingly impressive Japanese label, WorldChaos.

Where to fucking start?! SOULLESS is a "supergroup" in the truest sense, created by musicians from other Ohio-based acts, most of which are fairly well known outside the area. The present line-up boasts the majority of the godly ALL THAT IS EVIL (what are they doing these days?) and is completed by the bassist from the now-defunct DESCENSION, ASCENSION.

Jim Lippucci's throat-work here is along the lines of latter-day Chuck Schuldiner--mid-range but more coarse and, of course, faster to keep up with the raging music. Chris Dora, whom you may know from his astounding skinsmanship in BLOODSICK, ALL THAT IS EVIL, DECREPIT and tons of others, performs flawlessly--amazingly smooth time changes and lots technical variation, all aided by a sharp, solid sound quality. The drum style he plays for SOULLESS brings to mind Dave Lombardo, but a touch more technical. Jim Corrick and Wayne Richards (both ATIE alumni) complement each other perfectly and throw in just enough melody and harmony to keep things interesting without crossing the line into Swedish wank-world. Dave Johnson's work on the bass geetar and chemistry with Dora leaves little to complain about.

Classy in every respect, Agony's Lament is a ten-song slab of absolutely lethal death/thrash, bursting with a primal urgency and raw fury. This is the kind of quality metal that makes me want to move up north. I don't say it often, but something that definitely applies in the case of SOULLESS: buy or fucking die! THE DEVIL TAKE MY SOUL!!

Preferred tracks: "Lament," "Empty Deadness," "Terror of Twilight," "Downward"


Vault Zine Serbia

One of the latest signings for the Japanese label WorldChaos is the American combo Soulless. Quiet frankly, I haven’t heard a band from the USA that sounds like Soulless. This Cleveland, Ohio based quintet is an excellent mixture of death and thrash metal, resulting with a product that could easily be mistaken for one of Gothenburg bands. As they do admit, some of their influences include Swedish bands like In Flames, The Haunted and Arch Enemy, as well as Sodom, Kreator, Slayer and Celtic Frost (and they’ll always get cheers from me for wearing Testament, Razor and DBC T-shirts).
“Agony’s Lament” is the album filled with crunchy riffs, fast paces and cool solos, as well as the patented rough death vocals, but not as guttural as the usual shouters you might imagine (examples – Chris Barnes or George Fisher). It’s impossible to pick a favorite from this album, as the songs are so equal in quality, nearly as impossible as to pick a fave The Haunted tune. So, I’d rather skip that very unpopular move that serves no purpose for one such album where you can listen first through last song and enjoy them all. The boys have done admirable work with their lyrics since all tunes have quite good and always spiteful lines that work perfectly coupled with such music. Check out the titles: “Bleeding Darkness”, “Agonies”, “Lament”, “Empty Deadness”, “Soulscythe”, etc. Is this vile or what?
Soulless got some pretty good reviews for their previous works and have done some gigs with great names, as well as participated on destruction, W.A.S.P., Twisted Sister and Metallica tributes. Though they can hardly be called a new band (and they’re not veterans either), we still need some refreshments when older bands like In Flames or Dark Tranquillity have strayed away to different territories. This is a perfect album for all who love a bit more aggressive sound and I think I gave you enough pointers to realize its quality.



Battle Web Zine

Formed in 1997, under the name Bloodsick, the band changed the name to Soulless in '98 and recorded the
demo CD "The Darkening of Days", in August '99. Two years later and with new material, Soulless signed
with the Japanese label World Chaos Production, being the first American band on their roster.
"Agony's Lament" is the Soulless's second album and contain 10 tracks (34 minutes) of strongest Thrash
Metal, combined with some elements of old school Death Metal. A perfect, here it means clear, sound
production. Just expect crushing riffs, agressive drums and harsh vocals, in this Bloody Thrash

Contamination level: 07/10


Level 11 Web Zine

This is a good thrash album. I really like it. In some way it reminds me of At The Gates. Brutal, upspeeded but still with good melodies. Favourite track are -Agonies-!
To all thrash fans this sure is an album worth checking out...


Punishment web-zine

Now we're talking! Finally a really inspiring thrash release that blows wannabees like The Haunted to kingdome gone! This Americans assault us with razorsharp riffing, tormented screams of anguish and a VERY heavy rhythm-section. Most important though, they write very memorable high-speed thrash tunes that although highly inspired by the heroes of the past manages to keep an identity of their own. A must for all thrash freaks, nuff said!! 8/10 - Gustafson


Vampire Magazine

You’d think that a country like the USA has enough opportunities for bands to find a decent record contract. Ohio-based SOULLESS found their fortune in Japan though when they signed with World Chaos Production, for the release of their newest record, “Agony’s Lament”. The history of the band goes beyond 1997, when the name was still BLOODSICK, but a change in line-up and thereby change in musical style caused the members to continue under a new moniker. Since then one album called “The Darkening Of Days” was released, as well as a only Mini-CD and a promo, which eventually led to the signing of the band.

The biography compares SOULLESS to bands like AT THE GATES, THE HAUNTED and CARNAL FORGE, and there is indeed no discussion about the style of the band: Death/ Thrash Metal with a huge stress on the Thrash part. Although I hear quite a few AT THE GATES-like riffs, SOULLESS sounds the least like this band, apart from the maniacal shrieking vocals that are rather comparable. All the comparisons aside, “Agony’s Lament” is a solid Thrash Metal recording, with typical catchy riffs and a very high replay-value. By keeping the songs very diverse the ten tracks all have an identity of their own, which makes the complete recording a joyous experience. Of course there are always one or two tracks that stick out, which in my opinion are “Terror Of Twilight” and the awesome closer “The Fleet Of Fury”.

An American band on a Japanese label playing Swedish Thrash Metal, does that work out? If they’re called SOULLESS, hell yeah! This CD has been out for a few months now, so it should be available by now. There are a few tracks on their website, so if you’re into melodic Swedish Thrash Metal check the band out! This band deserves the attention!


Metal Nightmare Web Zine
January, '03
Hey, that's kind of funny. This is the first non-Japanese signing for Japan's World Chaos Productions label. I guess they're turning their attentions to outside of the Far East. Jim Sadist of NUNSLAUGHTER handed me a copy while on tour out here in California, saying that it's the best thing SOULLESS has ever done. Well, their last album, The Darkening of Days wasn't a stinker, but it's blown away by Agony's Lament. There's a lot of old school feeling on this album, coming across with a strong AT THE GATES presence, vocals that sound like Chuck Schuldiner of DEATH sometimes did, and an ever-so-slight AUTOPSY death metal grunge vibe. Definitely one of the tail-end highlights of 2002.


Metaltronic Web Zine
Review by Memnoch
January, '03

Here we have an American Trash metal band Soulless, courtesy of WorldChaos Production who brought us the excellent thrash album from King's Evil(Read the review here) earlier this year.

Thrash metal is what these guys play for sure and they sure have the chops for it. They also have incorporated what I call certain Swedish Metal concepts ala The Haunted or At The Gates, which is weird when you think about it cause these very Swedish Metal concepts that I speak off got some of their ideas from some fantastic American metal bands, hhhhmmmmm, a vicious cycle i guess..............

Back to the matter at hand, the band (with some of its members having been around since '97 and were part of another band called Bloodsick, a band formed in the spirit of vintage 80's and 90's thrash metal who also released one 7", a split with Nunslaughter back in '96)truly display some excellent thrash moments,there are some sections here that would kick you hard, like the riff that comes in at the 1:45 mark on the second trcak called Agonies after which it pummels you further with more speed, combining multiple riffing, snarling vocals, and a drummer who is an all out maniac producing music that is totally uncompromising and not too mention aggressive. This my friends is what thrash metal is all about. Lament is another fucker of a song that has riffs that i fucking guarrantee will have you swearing your life by thrash and thrash alone. Has to be my favourite track on this album.There is some great song writing here, in the thrash vein that is not too mention some great riffing, check out the track Terror of Twilight which is a great song in itself and which seems to switch gears effortless, mindfucking you one minute with its speed, then its fucking groove and then its slowed doom like pace before the twin guitar solos kick in. Downward has an old fashioned feel in its opening riff which i loved which then incorporates a melody of sorts in the next phrase, afterwhich it switches to some solid melodic death riffing before it switches back to a great thrash riff for the first guitar solo to run over. The track Exile has probably one of the best kick offs to a song I have heard in a long time and a great harmonized riff which sticks out at about 2:20.Well I could go on and on about which parts are cool and which parts would and sure as hell fucking rip you a new one on any given sunday or day of the week for that matter but trust me there plenty of such parts.

The band is phenomenal as a whole, Jim Corrick(guitar) and Wayne Richards(guitar) have cooked up some incredible riffs that have shows an understanding of thrash and meshing with other forms of metal riffing, souping up Trash Metal as a whole for the new millenium. Dave Johnson(bass) is so prevalent with his bass lines standing side by side with the guitars. Chris Dora(drums) as I have said before is a maniac, all fucking speed and aggression thrash style, fuck yeah!!!!!!Jim Lippucci(vocals) has done a great job here, spitting fury and a snarl I have to say is truly unique and to top it off, has penned some great lyrics.

Recorded at the THE MARS Recording with Bill Koreckey, the production is clear with all the instruments very clearly audible and well balanced. The guitars were crisp and edgy while the drums seemed to have been mixed trying to balance both old school thrash kit sound and new school drum sounds which was pulled off pretty decently. I porbably only have a problem with the way the CD was mastered which I think at some points my actually sound like its cracking or distorting on headphones and by the way I review all CDs here at The MetalVault with my Alesis Masterlink and Senheisser HD600 headphones

Either way its great that we got all these new bands and some of the old bands so to say, bringing back thrash metal, putting the glory back in thrash metal again. And its especially great when its done as well as this whats more is that these guys have only recently been signed up by a label which was surprising cause there so much quality here, quality that should definitely be heard by the rest of the metal world.

Atmosphere: 10
Production: 8
Originality: 8

Overall: 9 out of 10


PAYO magazine # 17
It´s very long time I didn´t hear some good thrash metal, of course if I´m not looking for in my collection where is over-thrashed on cassettes which are starting to be also cult thing as it is with cult vinyls. As it could seem SOULLESS can be in thrash metal waters a lot of Fridays but there are on scene since 1997 when they born in Cleveland from corpse called BLOODSICK. Evolution of mad vocals and thrash metal from bands KREATOR, SODOM, CARNIVORE, SLAYER and CELTIC FROST moved with aggressive step and dark clothes on todays´ bands like IN FLAMES, THE HAUNTED, ARCH ENEMY or UNLEASHED. Their babe of these transformations can be founding of SOULLESS. In 1999 there comes very successful demo CD „The Darkening Of Days“. They are also participating on tribute CD´s of OZZY OSBOURNE, JUDAS PRIEST, METALLICA, W.A.S.P, DESTRUCTION, TWISTED SISTER and many more so DWELL records were taking good care of them but it was very hard to find them in Europe. Last year Japanesse label WORLD CHAOS production decided to také some American band under their wings and in November 2002 you can buy SOULLESS „Agony´s Lament“ in your metal store. This fiftet is showing you not original but very nice pleasant pure thrash motives, very great timing album from THE MARS studio recordings so you don´t have to be worry about sound of this. This CD will not stop only in the end of it so you can play it even you would notice that the last song „The Fleet Of Fury“ is playing. This CD is very big mnami-thing for thrash fans who are still in love with this old style who are still taking care of their jeans´ vests with cruel stickers on it and cult pyramides on their lether jackets! Just follow it and buy SOULLESS for better atmosphere of thrash metal of new generation which can go hand in hand with old styles. Be carefull on combination of THE HAUNTED, AT THE GATES and CARNALE FORGE because if you are such thrashers – SOULLESS must be your choice!
OBSCURA - 7 - (from 10)


January '03

YESSS !!!! I like to review that kind of crushing album ! SOULLESS comes from the USA and delivers some really powerfull and ass-kicking thrash metal of a pretty high quality. One of the positive points of this band is that it doesn't spoil thrash rythms and riffs with any modern US-power sounding, and that's very appreciable from a young American band. On the contrary, the music has an old-school thrash metal basis -reminding bands such as KREATOR or SODOM- peppered with today's tunes reminding swedish bands like SOILWORK, ARCH ENEMY or WITCHERY. The results are ten tracks for (only) 34 minutes which should please to every single thrash metal fan, that means the album contains each ingredient such a record may needs: Huge rythm section, razorblade-like solos and riffs, powerful throat-cutting vocals which sounds not far from the voice used by Chuck Schuldiner on DEATH's albums. So there's nothing else to add, the rest is on the record itself. Lend an ear, you won't be disappointed !


Metal Coven

The history of this U.S. thrash metal band started in 1997 when they (that time they were called Bloodsick) released a 7” split with the band Nunslaughter.After some line-up changes came an evolution of the band’s sound and a new band name.In 1999 they released their first demo-cd “The Darkness Of Days”.That same year they also appeared on Judas Priest and Ozzy Osbourne tribute cd’s (Dwell Records).They played a lot of gigs with other bands, recorded songs for other Dwell Records tribute cd’s and recorded a new 3 song promo-cd. In 2002 they started recording their first full-length cd and they were offered a record deal by World Chaos Production from Japan.At the end of 2002 World Chaos Production released Soulless’ 10 song cd “Agony’s Lament”.The sound of Soulless is a combination of the hooks and angry vocals of 80’s thrash metal bands like Kreator, Slayer and Celtic Frost with the aggression and darkness of today’s heaviest bands like In Flames, Arch Enemy and Unleashed.”Agony’s Lament” is a 34 minutes long full-speed ahead thrash metal assault!


by Ronny Elst (2003)

Wo steht eigentlich geschrieben, dass Thrash Metal Scheiben unappetitliche Cover haben müssen? Und wo steht geschrieben, dass der Sänger wie eine angestochene Sau ins Mikro zu brüllen hat? Man weiß es nicht genau. Aber zum Glück sind diese beiden Punkte auch schon die gesamte anzubringende Kritik an "Agony´s Lament". Ansonsten spielen die Amis (übrigens das erste außerjapanische Signing des Worldchaos Labels) lupenreinen Thrash Metal, wie man ihn in seinem brutalen Vorwärtsstreben und seiner rasenden Intensität lange nicht gehört hat. Dabei thrasht man nicht in alter Bay Area Manier (trotz vieler Old School Einflüsse), sondern hat die skandinavische Schule mit technisch besserer Gitarrenarbeit, coolen Leads und gnadenlosem Rhythmusgeholze aufgepeppt. Die Produktion drückt den harschen Sound fett aus den Boxen, und trotz der allgegenwärtigen Dauerattacke kann man die Klasse der Musiker klar erkennen. Ist auch kein Kunststück, wenn man bedenkt, dass die meisten Bandmitglieder seit Mitte der Neunziger im Metal involviert sind. Ein Vorgängerprojekt waren BLOODSICK, die mit NUNSLAUGHTER eine Split-Single vorweisen konnten. Ein gutes Beispiel für die Klasse der Songs und ein klarer Anspieltipp ist "Terror Of Twilight". Nach einer Minute Überschall wird gegroovt, dann das Tempo in den Doom Bereich reduziert, um dann das schönste SOULLESS-Trademark auszupacken: die doppelläufigen Gitarrensoli, die jeder Power Metal Band gut zu Gesicht stehen würden. Thrash Metal Fans können hier nichts falsch machen.


Beyond web-zine Belgium


Il suffit d'entrevoir leur jolie petite frimousse pour piger que nos amis ne nous emmènent pas au " Pays des Merveilles ". Et effectivement, une fois la lecture du disque lancée, c'est parti (mon kiki) pour une grosse demi-heure de bon Death Metal bien gras et bien puissant ! Ce qui me plaît ici, c'est que ça ressemble vachement à l'excellent " Spiritual Healing " de Death. Des guitares qui shreddent à fond, un tapis rythmique hyper précis reposant sur tempos moyens, parfois un peu linéaires, mais toujours lourds et efficaces... Et puis, il y a la voix de Jim Lippucci... Quand on l'entend, on ne peut s'empêcher de penser à Chuck Schuldiner ! Bizarrement, je retrouve également quelques influences suédoises dans le jeu de nos amis, qui nous viennent pourtant des States... Enfin, on est à l'époque des brassages en tous genres ; y'a donc pas vraiment de quoi s'étonner plus que ça... Si ça continue les Chinois nous joueront du Black à la Norvégienne et les Esquimaux se mettront au Bay Area Thrash dans leurs igloos... De toute manière, une chose nous réunira toujours, quelles que soient nos différences : la passion que nous cultivons pour la musique qui tanne à donf ! Il ne nous reste plus qu'à remercier Soulless pour m'avoir inspiré à ce point ! Merci messieurs.


Carnage Mag Germany

Soulless sind ein Five Piece, kommen aus Cleveland, Ohio und sind GEIL!!! Die prügeln ab, als wenn es kein morgen mehr gibt. Im Grunde spielen die Amis Thrash der an At the Gates mit jeder Menge old school erinnert. Old School heißt bei Soulless, Razor oder Dark Angel. Das machen die Fünf sehr perfekt, da jibbet nix! Innovativ gleich null aber erfrischend, weil voller Energie! Die 10 Tracks gehen leider zu schnell vorbei aber es gibt eine Repeattaste. Um noch mal auf oben zurück zukommen: At The Gates Einflüsse, weil die Burschen ihre Gitarren teilweise rasend bearbeiten aber die Melodie dabei nicht aus den Augen verlieren und Old School, weil Tracks wie „Empty Deadness“ auch auf „Time does not Heal“ hätte stehen können und „Bleeding Darkness“ auf „Open Hostillity“. Das Schlagzeug erinnert auch an Razor, da immer straight und geradeaus. Keine Schnörkel, keine unnötigen, albernen Breaks, immer auf die Nülle! Coole Scheibe die dazu Top produziert ist, ein schickes Cover hat und jetzt nicht lachen, in einem Jutesäckchen mit World Chaos und Soulless Logo daherkommt. DAS nenn ich innovativ! Fette Idee der japanischen Plattenfirma, die anscheinend auf dem Vormarsch ist und schon mit Terror Squad und Grim Force (RIP) ebenfalls geile Thrash Acts am Start hat(te). Ich schätze mal, ich werde mich der Bande für die nächste Ausgabe mal annehmen, wenn sie denn Bock haben. Soweit gilt mal für alle qualitätsbewussten Thrasher, denen die neue The Haunted zu „komisch“ ist und die anderen At The Gates Clowns zu albern sind: ZUSCHLAGEN!!!!!!! In diesen Sinne: Suffer The Fury!
8,5/10 Marcus


Time Before Time Zine
January '03

SOULLESS "Agony's Lament" CD 2002 (Worldchaos Prod)
AAAAAARRRRRRGGGGGGHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!! Ta plyta mnie zniszczyla!!!!!!!! Soulles to zespól amerykanski i totalnie amerykanska jest ich muzyka!!!!!!!!!!!! Japonski Worldchaos ma juz na swoim koncie kilka wybitnych perelek jak Grimforce czy Terror Squad, a Soulless to kolejny klejnot w ich stajni!!! "Agony's Lament" to najczystsza lekcja prawdziwego, kopiacego po dupie, swiezego, energetycznego THRASH METALU!!!! Sluchalem tej plyty juz kilkanascie razy i zawsze dostaje kopa! AAARRGGGGHHHHHHH!!! Jesli tylko ktos mam niedosyt muzyki w stylu Exodus, Dark Angel, Megadeth, Testament lubi ostre wokale i te niebanalna thrshowa melodyke, po prostu MUSI zdobyc ten album!!! Kazdy inny maniak tez powinien po to siegnac! To jest thrash metal, prawdziwy thrash metal, thrash metal do szpiku kosci czerpiacy garsciami z heavy metalowej (ale nie gej-power'owe) melodyki i death metalowego rozpierdolu! Nie, tu nie mam mowy o zadnym retro i kolejnej zzynie z Kreator. To jest czysty styl z Bay Area, zagrany nowoczesnie ale bez zadnych cyber/gay kretynstw! METAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!! METAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!! METAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Necromance Magazine / Records

Todos los que en sus tiempos jóvenes disfrutaran del Thrash de la Bay Area como yo lo hacia, van a tener en estos SOULLESS un buen grupo para recordar viejos tiempos. Pero no solo estos, por que los que fliparan con los primeros discos de AT THE GATES (¿alguien no?) También van a echarse las manos a la cabeza cuando escuchen esto, por que en poco mas de media hora estos americanos nos presentan un Death/Thrash tremendamente melodico, con el espíritu Thrash de los 80, pero con ese toque Death especial de los luego abundantes grupos Death melódicos del norte de Europa. Ya sé que esto no es nada nuevo y que además últimamente están surgiendo bastantes grupos así, tanto no demasiado conocidos, como es el caso de CARNAL FORGE, como otros muchos mas conocidos, puede que por la fama de sus componentes, como es el caso de THE HAUNTED, pero a quien le importa, si disfruta con lo que escucha y hay calidad tanto en los músicos como en las composiciones. No esta de mas una miradita atrás de vez en cuando. De todas maneras que nadie se llame a engaño, estos no tienen el sonido clásico de WITCHERY, ni la voz típica de la Bay Area como RITUAL CARNAGE, suenan mucho más actuales, como CARNAL FORGE o RAISE HELL, con una voz bastante chillona, al estilo Death-Black. No vas a parar de hacer headbangers.




Ótimo material lançado por esta banda americana que aniquila qualquer tímpano com seu marcante Thrash Metal bem executado e ultratrabalhado. A banda segue uma linha bem Thrash dos anos noventa com algumas partes que mescla bem na linha mais Death Metal chegando a lembrar bandas como Sacramentum e Centinex, mas também lembrando coisas do The Haunted e Carnal Forge, ou seja, podemos até falar que a banda segue uma linha Death/Thrash. O vocal é bem marcante e bastante rasgado, a la Black Metal, e o conjunto em si é bem técnico e trabalhado, com muitas cavalgadas, muitos solos e riffs complicadíssimos. A parte gráfica também está bem interessante e muito bem definida, contendo fotos de shows e tudo mais. Podemos esperar ansiosos pelo próximo material que promete muito peso e muito mais trabalho. Hail Soulless! (DC - 02/03/2003