Metal Gospel
This RULES !! Why bands with this amount of talent remain having to self finance their releases is beyond me. Bands like DEATH and CARCASS spring to mind immediately as soon as the awesome opener 'Bleeding Darkness' kicks in. This is excellent death metal with a melodic edge, thrash and some of the Gothenburg "style" infused within. The vocals as I mentioned in my review of the debut full length (which they claim was a "demo" but the professional packaging and quality of the songs says otherwise) are still along the lines of a "tamer" Dani Filth... more like a cross between Dani and Chuck of DEATH. This is good stuff and I will certainly pick up without hesitation the full length album when it is released.
Metal Lives
Soulless surprised me with the release of The Darkening Of Days from 1999, but I wasnít the only one impressed, Brave Words And Bloody Knuckles magazine named Darkening Of Days the number one demo of 1999. But the color booklet and high quality CD made the release far more professional than the average demo. They also received great reviews from,, and numerous other print and web magazines. This is their latest promo; they also have an EP entitled Blissfully Damned that was released a few months prior.
The Bleeding Darkness 2001 demo includes two new songs, 'Bleeding Darkness' and 'Suffer The Fallen', along with 'Hollow Eyes' from the previous EP. 'Bleeding Darkness' opens the CD and I almost risk saying itís their most brutal and technical song yet, meanwhile the other two songs unleash a brain bashing thrash attack with some extremely heavy drumming, screechy and menacing vocals, and guitar decimating madness. The band picture is also convincing; looking at a few of the guys wearing their favorite Dark Angel and Haunted shirts helps verify their influences. This three-song demo is over fast, but it also reaffirms the talent possessed by this band and all three songs represent a great combination of death/thrash metal.  Shockingly, Soulless is still hammering away in the underground on their own, but they are looking for label support, and this release is for promotion only. Anyone interested in Soulless can check out their official page and from there you can get info on ordering their 1999 release, and the Blissfully Damned EP.  After listening to some Bleeding Darkness itís time for a great release from Promisqes, but you should start with checking out Soulless. They are the prefect band for the thrash and death metal fan and their CDs contain a lethal concoction of the aforementioned genres. Also, look for Soulless on Overload 2, A Tribute To Metallica performing 'Motorbreath', and upcoming tribute CDs for Destruction and Twisted Sister, all from Dwell Records.