Look to the sky for answers it seems bleeding scarlet mists paint elliptical scenes
Long censured demons assail the soul arise from tortured exile and feed on this woe!

Devilish it seems, massacre all dreams, uncertainty takes hold, tragedy unfolds

Call to the earth with riddles that burn grasping for reason as a bleeding soul yearns
Beg on your knees for reason or rhyme Still the demons confound this tortured mind

Inevitable it seems. Tortured anguished screams. Destiny I fear, Looming ever nearer

Demons ascend …

Crawl along on bloodied stumps grasping for a hold longing for some sanity reeling from each below
Self-immolating effigy consumed by stinging flame loathsome disgraced miscreant wallowing in shame
And so the battered carry on deluded with false hope, abandoned bleeding miserable myopic misanthrope
So fool the self live the lie and you may trick the mind - but none can spare the absolute ravages of time

So smell acrid uncertainty, its foul rank fills the air stumble blindly into desolation’s cold and bitter layer
Stifle tears, deny the death - yet death has taken hold , throttling your haggard neck and loosening the soul!
And so the baneful specter shall claim his paltry prize, as you gaze pathetically into his hollow eyes
Still searching for the answer, some moral to this tale, the only lesson that you’ve gained-the certainty you failed!

It’s certain that you've failed! Let misery prevail!
All hope, all hope is cast away. And the darkening of days...
Know loss, know his toothy grin, and pain, a pain that never ends !!!


Abandoned to Bleed
Hollow obsession, perverted belief, contorted perception, malignancy - Disease!

Reckoning at hand, drop to your knees, feel the sting
Confess, to these wicked deeds Discard reality to cruelty concede
Defeat, the cold and bitter taste, the unimpeded rage
The nagging memories... This pit, all that’s slipped away it can never be replaced
Is now fill them with pain, such pain!

Malice rising still, the pointless charade this lame diatribe
This strangling skein you weave! Whose each razor sharp thread
Cuts deep to the bone, and you just laugh, and you watch me bleed!

Hollow persistence, unchecked misery, insincere repentance... Abandoned to bleed!
Abandoned to bleed... Leave me to bleed!


Slowly turning within the mind the essence burning forever blind to this site obscene misfortune unfolds
All warmth retreats- stilled by the cold. Winds of torment scatter like dust all purpose of being - all traces of trust
Deceit mislead down betrayals dark path, still this soul bleed weighted with wrath
Turn within consume me I’ll embrace the decay. Self betrayal exhumes the corpse of yesterday’s pain!

Languish in futility banished to reality, Haunted by failures cold sneer
Courage chased away by fear. All joy and hope is sucked away
Life surrenders to decay. Existing in a tortured hell. Rotting crippled human shell.

Holy fire, cleansing flame - Licks at the soul, purify me!

And so the end clear at hand, the journey so nearly complete
Perfection is a unbound from agony- victory is spawned of defeat
Through destruction the soul is reborn - terror, disgrace recede. Through rending of flesh
The purest release: The cleansing of life’s disease

Sufferings long toll, Liberate the soul... Oblivion's seed? Futility!

Now embrace your destiny, Yield to this bane
Know peace shall be kept from you as lost you wonder dark valleys of pain


Blissfully Damned
Harbinger of evil, companion to the damned deceit and depravity, walking hand in hand
So all consumed with power, a means to its own end a black cloud of treachery amasses and descends
Embracing your safe darkness, welcoming the hand you extend the comfort that we all demand
Offering the shelter of ignorance warm coat - never realizing your grip around our throat!

Led down through the darkened paths deluded and deceived, dark master of treachery, eagerly believed
Sorcerer of malice, blackened prince of lies, Silver-tongued oracle, we dare not defy
Promising the future, delivering despair and all the while ignorant, blissfully ensnared

No hope for the future, no thoughts of past times no dreams fill the cracked minds no light for the blind
Extinguished passion, a lifeless desire, hopelessly lost in the dark murky mire

Desperate salvation served up a plate - A neat little package of hope
Blissfully damned, surrender free will ignorance binding like rope


Crumble Beneath

I’m watching, I know you, I see you. My hatred, despise you destroy you
I smell you, I feel you, and I fear the woeful truth, this tragic comedy
The foolish farce, this reckless race, this shameful plane
Of vileness in which you exist. The filthy hole, the stinking pit
Your holy hell, your sanctuary from the truth
Truth's scathing sneer, Truths piercing lance
Truth's cleansing fire strips away you’re foul disgrace

Consume you, corrupt you, I tempt you. I hate you, I am you, distorted
In this pool of self inflicted pain! Still though, pain in mind is pain…still it is pain
Can you find the key, open up the door that grants release, sets you free?
Or are you doomed to fail and fall away - Slip into oblivion?

Staggered and crippled, dumbfounded and senseless this all seems too much...
Collapsing I spit at you...Crumble beneath the closing wall of rage!

So know this, mark my words, I’ll have you my hatred, despise you, destroy you


Down Hell's Path

Hide from laughter soak in pain cloak in darkness conceal the stain
Resigned to anguish pungent grief snatches the soul like a thief

Broken now I beg of thee cut free this woeful wretch. So much now lost to your foul gain
So little left of self. The first time I bore your wrath dismemberment did glean
The second you ran me through yet still I did not bleed. The next time, there was no heart
Yet still you’d claim your toll - Gleefully, you crippled me and then tore out my soul

Steal the rapture, kill the joy, and relish the brief light the night destroys
Drink of this bitter cup of wrath, scurry frenzied down Hell’s path

Broken now I beg of thee genuflect on bleeding knees, cleanse me of iniquity
Cut me just to see me bleed! Corrupted, this worthless being, Tainted so beneath disdain


Emptiness Domain

Bitterness bites the flesh cold supplants the warm the driving wind chills to the bone
Its iron grip like a talon around the throat as it drags the choking soul
Kicking and screaming into the very mouth of Hell

Oh, come know the cold taste the still as your blood clots into ice
The heart is cracked and split …as the soul just seeps away

Bitterness wells in darkness as this cold engulfs the soul sorrow grief and terror freeze,
Misery unfolds those before who speak of Hell recount the singeing flames
Within hell resides the cold - Emptiness Domain

In emptiness domain - Lost in caverns of despair, trapped in this labyrinth of lies...
As you lay and pray to die...

Driven shards of razor ice perforate your soul
Sanity is lost to sorrow stumbling through these woes
Each trial kills another dream and this judgment won’t be defied
So spread to your arms and cross your feet, be now crucified!
With each spike and with each drop of shimmering crimson bled
The rage that stirs within the soul - this hatred must be fed
So gather around hopes still fresh corpse
And eagerly to dine, fill wrath’s cup with tainted blood
And drink it up; drink it up like wine...

Degradation desolation the vacant meanderings of a crippled the soul
Fumbling and stumbling through the coldest bitter night, so lost, so alone,
Frightened and confused. Yet beyond the dark horizon, so frail so slight,
Perhaps the smallest glimmer, the faintest gleam of…



Corrupted misery, malignant malady, dark betrayal rots the soul - raging torment writhes

Seething at the end of this twisted trail of lies. Look deep, oh, look deep in my eyes and know that faith is dead

And so compassion is bled away, wind scattered ashes of yesterday
Glowing embers fade and die dark December’s frigid tide

Adrift in the black blind to the light lost to turmoil crippled by spite

And so serenity is stripped and raped, the essence battered and ripped away
Denial cripple! Truth reveals the latent evil that you conceal.

Dying In the end, crying on your knees. Trying so hard to pretend... grieve now for all is lost



Hatred and horror betrayal and deceit blinding frustration - shamed in defeat
Wondering vanquished in the realm of lost souls weeping in darkness, shivering in the cold
Crippled by terror caged by the fear, cower in anguish as the hour nears…

And know that all is lost! All life is cold and still. The heart has ceased to beat
All hope is thrown away ...And now the question stirring in your mind,
So fearful when you find the truth, so brutal cold and plain - You’ve thrown so much away!

Never to return, forsaken and forlorn, baptized in tears - the soul so split and torn!

Recklessly selfish bleeding dry what you love, never realizing what it is you’ve become
You tore it all out and you threw it away, Bear the tortured scowl of loss and face it every day!

Isolation kills the soul, all is lost all is cold


The Darkening of Days

Lone desperation the terror of loss dark leprosy of the soul
So many regrets so many the days lost stumbling through the cold
Oh the things I would change just give it all back - rescue the dead from the grave
Still time forges on there is no recourse - leave the corpse to decay

Step by step and line by line the saga begins to unfold, the trial of life and the judgment in death
The object at stake is the soul. Blinded by pride self regard the scourge
Without eyes it lashes away. In the end we see what it is we’ve destroyed
And we’re trapped in the wreckage of rage

All of the chances that I’ve thrown away, so selfish so stupid so blind
How can it be that would dwells in the heart can become so distorted in mind?
So simple in word, so simple indeed! Yet reality does not agree. When it’s all at an end
And the flood’s run its course we’re left with this damned misery

Lone desperation the terror of loss - The darkening of days
Frantic frustration there is no recourse - Leave the dead to decay