Bleeding Darkness
Bleeding blackened rage from the soul, Bleeding death, despair and pain
Sucking out the lives of battered men, Blotting out the light and raping day
Leave them to their gloom, leave to rot, Abandon to their grief and suffering
The grief of broken lives and banished dreams, dark master of the fire is surely pleased
Seeking to destroy this accursed light, that tears your soul and brings you down to burn

Rising from the depths, evil lurks, Biding out his time and counting souls
Hunger for revenge, and a thirst for power, Dark Master knows he’ll have his fill
Dining on the bones of trampled saints, Drunk on the blood of humble men
Knowing now the hour, close at hand, Light shall die and he shall reign the night

 The devil take my soul and I’ll be punished in the flames
Wither into darkness, a bleak and unholy stain
to feel the power of those who curse the name of god in heaven
He watches, so goddamn helpless as souls devoured take their place in hell!

They all line up for heaven so pious and aloof
Grind them into Hades beneath a cloven hoof
Suffer enemies! Oh, darkness feed the cold end of the light
The frosts shall hold the land, And gloom shall chill the darkened days
Evil reigns the constant night, And man is fodder for the beast



Alone, you feel the icy grip of fear
You meet the stinging darkened gaze
You pray groveling on your knees
You'll die feeble and diseased

Still all dies…

This horror plagues the mind
And terror chills the soul
Stalking in the shadows of the night
You feel the cold breath on your spine

Succumb to endless pain
Fallen to your knees
You curse and dare to wonder why
Why all that's good must die

All that's been before you has just withered up and died
Calling deep within to a strength you hope survived

Amid the swirling misery, grasping for some hold
Begging for the dreaded truth never to be told
And still fallen to your knees you hang your head and moan
Lost to lament life's agony, forsaken and alone

Hope is gone, Shadows breed
Perish now, Agonies
Take this pain, feel my loss
Hang your head
Turn your back to the cross

It goes on and on in your head, relive each death in your mind
Until all you can do is just curse, and leave it all behind

Blaspheming this lord of despair
Cursing this god of the grave
Weeping alone in the night
Blaspheming this lord of despair



Resigned to fate …Consign my soul to drift beyond the night
Finished here or so it seems, the end now looms in sight
No tears to grieve, no grave to mourn, no god to hear my plea
The groaning wails, the howling cries bemoan my legacy

It's as if they call to me…yet I know it's in my mind
And I swear gods speak to me I know I can't defy
From dark crypts they clutch at me, evade for now their hold
Yet soon I know they'll conquer me… and steal away my soul!

I've made my peace and freed my mind, unbound from these fears
The pain now numb, the bleeding dry, Hell's fire dry my tears
The dreaded night, once my foe takes me to its arms
And smothered in her black embrace she keeps me safe from harm

Hidden from the light, spawn of deadest night

The emptiness envelope me, as night's dawn begins,
Fate's angry blade now severs me, and sets me to the wind
Warmth fades to oblivion, un-tethered from these days
Close these eyes perhaps one last time and grieve for yesterday…

These cries will echo through the night
The lost shall intone the elegy
Still, the fates will cut the strands of life
Pawns, suspended in this chilling nightmare

Resigned to fate …Consign my soul to drift beyond the night
Finished here or so it seems, the end now looms in sight
No tears to grieve, no grave to mourn, no god to here my plea
The groaning wails, the howling cries become my legacy!


The Soul Scythe
Anger of a thousand souls, hate you will uncover
Horror of a billion deaths, struggling voices smothered
Tearing through the pits of hell, rip your soul apart
Embrace this living breathing world, for soon you shall depart

Run screaming from the night
Evade the seething blight
Basking in your fear
The hour of death is near!

Worthless pride of stinking man, the evil and the lies
Behold your grim inheritance, the sinful beast arise!
Consume this rotted waste of life, flesh will sear in flame
Erase my wicked history, char away the shame

The Plague prepares to reap it's wrath
Death's bloody scythe rips out its path
Like bugs they scurry from the day
Die in pain! Man shall stay
Drenched in blood

I am the God of misery and soon I'll speak your name
Your worthless soul a feast for me and I will teach you pain
And in time you will learn the price of foolish pride
Eternal contemplation - eternity to die


Empty Deadness
Torn out the very core of being, specters vex man
Tears flow, quenching the flames of torment - This pain eases theirs
Forced in, lost to the dread of ruin, born to bleed
Saviour, where's this so-called salvation?
It does not exist! - It does not exist!

Malevolent despondency, phobic mind in agony
Prepossessed to blasphemy, remanded to eternity

Held down asphyxiated slowly blazing despair
Mind raped the soul and heart in ruin - madness creeping in
Tears flow, dark rivers churning nightfall - drowning shadows
Fade now, last light of day eclipsing…

Empty deadness rots so deep within you
Wrenching, writhing as demons begin to
Gorge themselves on this cold rotting carcass
Ripping, tearing as blind faith departs you

Still you cling to old beliefs, wisdom of a lie
A fairy tale where dreams come true, and goodness never dies
And in this world of make believe
Exist, truth, hope and faith; ignorant and unaware as reality decays

I've seen it now to many times, every time I close my eyes
The wicked truth of destiny, and destiny denied
So often the path of fate twists right through the mouth of hell
The heavy pall, the dying dirge, the echoing death knell

Oppressive darkness drains your senses as madness takes your mind
Lost in twilight's choking shadow, a pawn in death's design
This bleeding night is gagged with blood this blood as thick as thieves
The gory specter robs your life and murders all your dreams

Deranged by roaring silence - Spurred to raging violence
Empty deadness creeps in - Grief will claim this withered soul


Terror of Twilight

Master, Prince of lies, reviled & despised
Evil, Darkness true will control you
Fire from the sky, burns you in pain you cry
Wrathful, stinging flame will consume you
Darkness clouds the mind twists you, makes you blind
Hatred fueled by fear now compels you

The battle lines are drawn.
They've marked their way in blood
They hunger for the souls
Of the lost and hollow lives
They torture and destroy
And rape the fragile minds
Worthless flesh to rot
Born to serve and die

On and on in misery
Through cold passing of time
We suffer for the pride of foes
And hunger for our lives
It's like some kind of game they play
And for souls they draw lots
Tempted and corrected
Waiting for the swinging ax to drop

And still angels play, but every devil has his day
Deceit and treachery, they seek to sway you
And so on they fight
As day succumbs to night
So should your twilight loom,
Will you follow?



Expelled to endure, Unending sorrow cries fall to the end
Existence decried so now shall begin forsaken crusade
This wisdom of pain, the spiteful lesson taught these demons enflamed
The devil in hell could never know such rage and so it begins…

The death of all you've come to hold so true
The scars and graves of all you've stood to lose
The stain of shame and bitter agonies
Succumbing to empty eternity

Besieged and enslaved, forever bound to grieve cast out and betrayed
Joy leaves this gaze, nor shall daylight touch these darkest of days
The depths of this hole if you would just see, could you even perceive?
So blind to the path discarded and fooled, led so astray

Still you cling to dreams you'll never see
Straining for some light in this abyss
Tearing out your eyes because they lie
Slashing at your flesh with hopes that you'd fucking die

Life in vain, judged by fools, Condemned and led away
Why must the sentence weigh so true?
Why can't the fortunes lie?
Bequeath to me - Destiny
And I swear, It'll be your suicide

Lost in eternal desperation emptiness complete
Cold infernal trepidation saturates the being
Longing for the peaceful dawn you know you'll never greet
And suffering in the burning blackness dieing silently
A lone forgotten corpse gives its dust up to the breeze
Surrendered to oblivion lost to eternity

Lost to eternity, an exile in agony



Downward spiral to demise, living in a nightmare
Tortured, anguished crying soul, descent into despair
Longing for some kind reprieve, release from incessant torment
Victim of this tortured self, in agony lament

Deny the self, deprive the soul, shrink into the gloom
Dwell in death exalt the stench of this self inflicted tomb
Terror and torment, hatred and pain
Rise to your feet get up off your knees
Just to get knocked down again

Boundless disillusionment planting seeds of your decay
Watching, waiting helplessly as it all just slips a way
A broken shell of the man that you were before
Now a rotting stinking heap soon to be no more

For life you beg
Evil ascends
Despair takes you by the hand
As you join the seething damned
Fire shall lick your soul!

Know the face of your demise, know agonies lament
Taste the blood and feel the pain, fire of no relent
Pathetic victim in a game you find so cruel
Die on your knees in misery, you fucking simple fool!



Suffer The Fallen

Suffer for their sin, wither in the flame, perish to the pit,soul without a name
Stricken from life’s book, lost and wandering soul, you see but cannot act
Entombed in endless woe!

Grief, it peers out through their eyes And misery begs in their cries
Cast out into Darkness deprived Forsaken, forgotten, denied

Begging for life - Battling for your soul

The soul run through, drop to your knees and beg your god, begging him "Please,
Oh Please, don’t let them die any more... Oh Please, please shut my eyes to it all!"


The Fleet of Fury
Steady up your gaze to the dark and threatening skies
Looming in the distance your imminent demise
The clouds on the horizon now blocking out the sun
A long and winding trail of woe - the death march has begun!
The reapers scythe rips the path and Satan leads the raid
Hooves kick up dust and devil wings blot out the light of day
A swath of death, a road to ruin coming into view
A twisting track of treachery - and it's running right through you

Satan's Soldiers, hounds of hell, demonic brigades
Claim the evil souls of men - all will be enslaved!
Wickedness, and trickery, ignorance and greed
The essence of evil on which hell's armies feed
Foul mankind swells the ranks of this spiteful crusade
Tearing through humanity like a rusty poisoned blade
Mountains of cadavers now blotting out the sun
Hail beasts of Armageddon, Satan's work is done!

Amassing from the dawn of time, this evil horde unleashed
To avenge the pride of a god despised and endless treacheries
Forsaken man cast aside by this unmoved god of pride
A worthy feast for fallen souls an eternity denied!

This lord of filth this prince of pain now commands your fate
Forever yours to serve within Hell's unholy gates

Lower now your gaze from your dark master of sin
Avert you stare and kneel down as eternity begins