What Remains
What remains when all has gone,
When embers fade and twilight dawns
When dashed hopes and faded dreams
Crowd the soul as silence screams
To desperate nights and dismal days
To solitude and dark dismay
The failed fights and wasted years
The bloody paths and trails of tears
What remains but death and lies?

What’s left for man when dreams have died
When sorrow calls and troubles rise
When winters ice denies the day
When all is dead and swept away
When empty void consumes the Soul
And vile venom takes it hold
When mourning’s veiled shroud descends
And suffering life is slow to end?

What remains to be? The blind will never see...
Spare me from disgrace this shame I cannot face

Standing by with blinded eyes led to slaughter, crucified…
Denied by all, betrayed in time - forgotten dreams,
Tired lives

Children of a barren future, a wasted crop of flesh
Fodder for the teeming masses bred of ignorance
A sacrifice to long fallen gods, the ancient rite prescribes
A right to slaughter, consent to kill, a fucking human bribe
My eyes grow sad, my heavy heart longs to beat its last
How could it all have come this,
How could this come to pass?
My weary mind, so frayed by time
Locked away to roam
Abandoned to the desolation, darkness take me home…



The Price of life

So high, the price of life…

Oppression reeking, stench of hate denied mortality,
Weeping victims broken cries awash in agony
Delight in death for deaths own sake you toil in misery!

The corpses heaping high…
Death’s gaunt scowl presides
Blood consecrates this stand
Sanctified, none shall stay my hand!

And now it’s time you die
It’s gone on far too long
Vengeance swells inside of me
The price of life is high
Soon to claim its toll
Your end will come to pass
Drowning in your sobbing children’s blood

Your god betrays your faith
You’re left behind with your worthless prayers
This lie cripples your mind
As you march on to your death so blind

I’d bleed to watch you suffer
My soul to see you bleed
To end your life consumes me
To have your throat before me
I’d throttle out your life
I’ll take back what is due me
And end you and your kind

The price of life is high
An eye for an eye!
Know that wrath will come
Your blood will spill
And wash away this pain




To The Death
Sworn enemy, bred to die
Born to vengeance, wrath is mine
Tear the unborn from the womb
Defiling corpses in their tombs

A fist full of fury a sword to my foe
A taste of reprisal for those who oppose
A demonic nightmare to rip you to hell
Know terror, know torment, know hatred’s black spell

To the death, all swear the oath
Commit the soul to the death
And by your word sealed in blood
To the death…To the Death!

Mass devastation the bleak scarlet tide
Annihilation, vengeance is mine
No hint of existence allowed too survive
The judgment is final betrayal your crime

To the death, commit the soul
Sealed in blood to the death

Amidst the crimson pools and corpses
Severed hands grip broken swords
Your brother’s and your enemies
Lay mangled in death’s throes
With valor and with honor they battled death’s embrace
And for their blood and victory now offer up your life
Now offer up your life
And in their name you’ll fight and die
So your children will survive
To the death we cry!


The Devil’s Hand
The cold grip of evil, the devil’s hand
Squeezing so slowly the life out of man
Deceiving the masses, misleading the blind
Dulling the senses and stealing our minds

And no one seems to see the evil in our midst
So ignorant and blind
In time it all will fall, man will beg and weep
Dragged down into the flames…by the devil’s hand

The charlatan prophet, the devious whore
Fervor crazed leaders that march us to war
Apathy’s deadness and civility’s pride
Castrate and cripple, leave us to die!

And still he pulls the lead like dogs they charge headlong
Racing to the end…
Ignorant and blind, lost in mirth and sloth
Blindly grasping we find…The Devil’s hand…

I see the touch of evil in the guise of so called good
I see the devil’s hand as it seeks to conceal the truth
Intolerance, indifference, inhumanity to man
Deceiving us misleading us
Devious devil’s hand will crush you…


Of Liars and Thieves

So many things taken from me, my sweat my blood my soul
So often fallen prey to the cowards, deceivers and lies that they told
Forever betrayed, forever the fool, humbled and thrown to my knees
A world where honor dies with the bold and spoils go to the weak
In days of yore the guilty were punished –
A punishment fit to the crime
A sentence measured in pain and remorse
Penance in blood not in time
Those days have long passed, justice is weak
Thieves and deceivers abound
The guilty must pay for all they’ve taken
The cries of the victims resound

How long must I live with these lies?
Forces of fury arise!
Cleanse the world of this disease
Pandemic of liars and thieves

Sever the hand of the thief who would boldly
Steal the bread from your plate
Rip out the forked tongue of the devious liar…
Leave him gurgling in pain
Brand their skin and flay their flesh marked so all can see
Cripple them, rape them: piss in their face
Stab them and leave them to bleed!
Shatter their limbs beneath the Wheel,
Bones splintered and pulverized
String them up bleeding and there they can stay
Till the vultures have eaten out their eyes
Leave the gruesome remains to remind
Those who would stray from the path
Veracity’s virtue is its own reward
Transgression brings fury and wrath

Victims of cruelty arise
The hour of judgment arrives
Begging they die on their knees
Rabble of liars and thieves

Beg and plead
Die and bleed


As Darkness Dawns
A final hour approaching, a twisting stair descending
Judgment’s bell is tolling and chilling laughter stills the empty air…

A frightening lucidity, a vision at the end
A final rending certainty, as though the blind can see
Through darkness grip pass broken souls, and so the end begins
A winding maze, a mystery, then judgments iron hand

As Darkness Dawns
An eerie wind whispers on the air
A veil now descends, defying the light
A voice echoes in my mind
Commanding me, rise to your feet!
Choose your path… take what’s yours - be free!
It’s willingly I pass through Hell’s gates

No longer blind, site is mine; this light now burns my eyes
And malice brews and evil lurks the corners of my mind
And those who kneel, and those who bow will suffer on their knees
Feel the wrath of those oppressed by your ravenous hate

I will not subscribe to the eons of lies
I won’t be held down by your devious pride
Your crucified saviors, your icons of “right”
Your paradise fables, your god I defy

The final hours now passing, the feeble light is waning
Hell’s fires are fuming, your woeful lord is weeping,
Upon the stairs descending…
Defiant legions laughing in the face of god


The Hunt (Subtle)
The eye like fire upon you, teeth will find your flesh
Blood, like wine, flows hot and red, bringer of slow death
Through hell and flame I follow wrath and rage unmatched
From deepest pit to spires gleam I’ll hunt you to earth’s ends

Servant to a lower god
Bringing judgment swift and hot
My shadow chills the broken earth
The darkened veil heralding your doom

My touch like death upon you, my disease infests your mind
Feel the foul breath down your neck, soon you will be mine
A lord of dread and terror, cruel master of despair
Dark as night and cold as ice a specter on the air

Servant of a higher law
Ruin men and topple gods
I’ll take you when the time is mine
Save your prayers and beg to quickly die

Haunting in the dismal night, stalking in the blazing light
My Hunger leaves you cowering in fright
Wandering through a blackened maze
Confused alone you’ve lost your way
Invade your dreams bring darkness to your nights
Trembling from the gnawing fear, a presence looming ever near
All hope for you is sinking out of site
You run but can not escape the ever clawing hand of fate
Try to scream but now it is too late


Deadly Sins
Trapped amidst pretense and lies
I seethe in my disgust
The wholesome bleed and sinners breed
In brazen shameless lust
The vultures feast on carrion
Of rivals doomed to die
Growing fat and dumb, blind and numb
Swollen by this pride

Pride that blinds these dead and tear streaked eyes
Pride that binds us to these lies, these bold and blood-soaked lies
Like shackles, bound and cast into the cruel and heaving tides
The fury and the wrath of prophecy
The punishment for sins against your god
His mercy and his wrath shall know no bounds
And he will set you free.

The night time is watching, the darkness has eyes
The predator stalking seeking out lives
Wrath shall be brutal, Justice be swift
Angel of mercy bringer of death

Forever now it seems I’ve watched this world beneath my feet
Empty words, hollow greed, cold jealous deceit
My sin is hate my anger pride my lust for wrath will be known
And by the blood of sinners spilled god’s blunder be atoned
God’s blunder be atoned
By the blood of his sinners

Lies that rob us of our lives, that rip apart our minds
That smash our hopes and damn us to infernal misery
A flawed creation lost and doomed to fail
The fury and the wrath of prophecy
The punishment for sins against a god
Who dwells in fantasy…



Betray the Light
Perdition; pain and might
Fallen so far that no wound shall undo me
Evil you’ll come to expect
One so familiar to depravity’s depths

Empty eyes betray the light, abandoning the day
Begging to die and dieing to live this world’s a reeking grave
Apocalyptic misery misanthropic witchery
A vast necropolis of walking dead
In the twilight hear the cries of tormented suicides
Who’ll die before they’ll suffer to be led

Degradation, Mutilation
And still in vain they fight
Eradication, sure damnation
Now falls eternal night
Darkness dawning, devils spawning
They’re coming for you all!
The sirens call; soon all shall fall
And sorrow reaps its toll… Sorrow reaps its toll…

Withering in the frigid light
Abandoned to the burning gloom
To the fading sun, twilight’s veil
Where the dieing come to meet their doom
I’ve heard it said the cross has failed
Now I understand why this is true
I see the blind and their wicked lies
Their souls in hell one day I’ll come to rule

There’s only darkness here
Those who come seeking light
Leave only ghosts behind
Lost to eternal night
Shades haunt the dismal gloom
And only demons tread
A foul and empty place
Of sorrow and cold dread

Damnation’s fiery light
Guiding the infernal descent
Evil you’ll come to respect
As you roam the shadow of eternity’s depths


Prey on the Weak

Preying on the least of men the beast begins the hunt
The frenzied gruesome feast begins and he will have his fill
The wretched weak, the crippled, the blind, the poor shall fall
Cull the herd, devour the fallen; abiding nature’s law

Terror lurks behind you, haunts your every step
Only the strong survive the hunt, the weak shall fall away
The beast will always have his fill; the slow, the lame, the dumb
And those always a step ahead survive the brutal fray

No quarter, no mercy, just killing
No ponderance, no pity, just death
No sorrow, no forethought just judgment
Like daggers teeth rip through the flesh
The victim so passive so willing
Calls to the hunger divine
Answer the call of the prey doomed to die
Descend on the carnage to dine

No fault to prey upon the weak
No dishonor to the kill
The inferior exist to suffer
The beast will have his fill

The fools shall fall before me and shrink from my desire
The yearning force that drives me shall guide them to the fire
The ignorant my ally, the blind can’t see to fear
The silent march before me; their sacrifice is so clear,
So clear to me

Control the muted masses there in true power lies
Consume the battered hapless, upon their shoulders rise
Wade amidst my enemies and suffer in my name
Your corpses bridge the chasm, no sacrifice in vain
Know the weak are only bred to suffer
Suffering to serve my higher need
To bravely die, to boldly bow as the beast begins to feed

No quarter, no mercy, just killing
No ponderance, no pity, just death
No sorrow, no forethought just judgment
Like daggers teeth rip through the flesh
The victim so passive so willing
Calls to the hunger divine
Answer the call of the prey doomed to die
Descend on the carnage to dine

No fault to prey upon the weak




Dead to Me

I will not be taken
I will not be broken
Nor will I be blinded
By these lies unspoken
Elusive truth escapes
Evil subjugates
Knees scarred now unbending
I’ll not be your broken dog

Dead…Soon to be
Dead…Dead to me

Too much blood has seeped away
And tainted black these days
This soul in dark decline will respond in kind
Vengeance my redemption, cold heartless perfection
Away, flee now in terror back to the hell from which you sprang

Abandoned to bleed, dead and buried
Yet every night it haunts my dreams
Memories plead and emptiness breeds
The specter swells inside of me
I beg to be free, devoid of mercy
You feed upon my tortured screams
Now you will be dead to me
Your dark betrayal dooms your black soul

Abandoned to bleed, dead and buried
Yet every night it haunts my dreams
Memories plead the emptiness breeds
The specter swells inside of me
I beg to be free, devoid of mercy
You feed upon my tortured screams
Now you will be dead to me
To suffer in the burning blackness


Straight to Hell

Smashing force of devastation blasting through your face
Infernal lords of immolation smoldering in rage
Pulverized and victimized you offer up your Soul
Eternal gods of ripping chaos soon to take control

Razor wire ripping shreds of scorched and eager flesh
Metal hammers crushing skulls in a symphony of death
The girded horde awaits the sign horns upraised on high
Outcast legions, kings of hell now gathered to defy

Molten metal courses through these veins
A will of iron piercing like a spike right through the brain
Never to deny the cryptic call
Leave behind the empty lives…laughing at you all
Forsake this plastic world you have devised
In strength, in steel the fallen legions battle-worn and wise
Eternally united by this bond
Grinning in the shadows as you blindly stumble on

By sacrifice we seal in blood, in sacrilege we reign
Destruction looms, death’s on the air trouble breeds its bane
Summoning the onslaught, possessed by lust and sin
The dark angel now descends as the ritual begins

Assemble now oh, darkened hordes, your majesty awaits
Raise the gruesome chalice high and gather at the gates
Birthed in flame, baptized in blood, unseen in shadows dwell
And in the night with terror strike and send them straight to hell

Send them straight to hell
Ever trapped in burning cell
Slaughtering the lambs
Let them all be damned

Let the power take your soul as the venom burns your veins
The brutal onslaught rips your mind driving you insane
Steel armies march to die crushing flesh and bone
Soulless legions, kings of hell usurp your stolen throne!




Hollow Eyes (JAP bonus track)

Blind to the world, deaf to the truth, the hapless lost proceed
Misshapen hulks of a once noble race
Now feeble and diseased
Oblivious to this miserable hell, destitute and dumb
The spirit long dead, the essence deprived
The soul tormented and numb

Tortured souls deprived
All wisdom denied
Pain disguised behind hollow eyes

The cold stare of death, the harsh stench of pain
The horror of the grave
The stark brutal truth of freedom long lost
Humanity enslaved
Fear of the light and terror of night, the tortuous despair
Surrendered souls of anguish and woe
Gaping, vacant stares

They are so despised, souls now cauterized
All promise dies, behind hollow eyes

And so the twisted march in time like some devilish parade
Puppeteered cadavers passing by in ceaseless waves
An endless stream of rotten life, squandered hopes and dreams
Malignancy and pestilence, ignorance and greed
So let the devil have his day, surrender to the beast
Licking blood from his lips and fingertips
As your soul becomes his feast
Let your soul become his feast!

Sightlessly lurch forth
This ghastly dance of doom
The blind shall lead the blind
And all shall be consumed!

Choking back the noxious waves
Asphyxiate in flame
Eyes burned out through the back of your skull
Languish in your shame!