Treats From the Underground

Interview by Burt Wolf with guitarist Jim Corrick, vocalist Jim Lippucci & guitarist, backing vocalist & ball scratcher, Wayne Richards of the Cleveland, Ohio based band SOULLESS. Interview done March 10, 2002.

1) Please introduce yourself & what you do in the band?
Jim Corrick, I play guitar
Jim Lippucci, vocalist
Wayne Richards, guitar, background vocals, ball scratcher

2) Could you please give a little history on Soulless & how you guys got together?
JL Our drummer Chris and I were in a band called Bloodsick, which after line up changes became Soulless. We’ve all pretty much all known each other for a while through the local metal scene and various bands we played in. We pretty much all sank to the bottom of the heap together.

3) Why was the name Soulless chosen for the band?
WR Came from a Grave record… It’s been rumored that Lippucci has no soul.
JL The name seemed to fit the material we had written and the whole feeling of the band…

4) Who or what has been an influence on you creating your music?
WR 80’s thrash – Kreator, Sodom, Metallica, Slayer, Destruction, Tankard, Celtic Frost, Voi Vod etc…
JL Let’s not forget Sabbath, beer and drugs!

5) You guys have a strong 80's, early 90's thrash metal sound merged with a late 90's technical death sound? How would you best describe the music of Soulless?
JL That kinda sums it up…
WR We’re Inspired by the best thrash bands of the 80’s with melodic passages intertwined.

6) I only have your "The Darkening Of Days" CD which was released in 1999. How well was it received by the underground music scene?
WR Very well…It was voted best demo of ’99 by Brave Words and Bloody Knuckles. Check out reviews at
JL We pretty much sold out of the first pressing and have only a few copies left. 98% of the reviews we got were very positive.

7) Could you explain the cover artwork a little bit?
JL We weren’t really happy with the artwork. Any concept we originally had was pretty much lost in the final product.

8) Which song from that release is your favorite & why?
JC: “Down Hell’s Path” – It…rips
WR “Down Hell’s Path”, it’s fast and it rips your moms ass off
JL What they said.

9) Has that release stirred any label interest? If so, with who?
WR A couple of labels that really aren’t worth mentioning because they talk a lot of bullshit, but really exert no follow through
JL It’s a little frustrating when people tell you things and then nothing happens. It really is who you know and whose ass you kiss and who thinks you’re cool. How good you are or aren’t doesn’t really matter all that much.

10) Do you have any other releases out since the release of "The Darkening..." CD? Could you give some info on it?
JL We did one of those discs and have a three song promo out.
WR The MP3 CD includes some live tracks & some newer stuff, and the “Bleeding Darkness promo will blow your face off

11) You have contributed to a lot of the Dwell Records tribute albums. Which ones were you on & which was your favorite to do & why?
JL We appear on the Ozzy, the first Judas Priest, the second Metallica, Twisted Sister and WASP tributes. We also recorded a Destruction song for a tribute that has not yet been released. I’m a huge Ozzy fan and it was pretty cool to be on that one.
WR The Twisted Sister and Destruction covers were the best. Those two were very similar to the originals but with the Soulless sound. Those two would kill any human.
JC: Judas Priest is the best…

12) Soulless is from the Cleveland, Ohio area. There is a decent scene in that area from what I've seen. Who are some of the better bands, zines, labels, etc...?
WR Cleveland has some great bands…Boulder, Keelhaul, Somnus and Caveman are among the best. The Michael Stanley band is among bands that are gay.
JL Nunslaughter, Ringworm, All that is Evil, Schnauzer, Destructor, Black Death, The Dead Boys, Devo (Akron, Ohio), Pere Ubu, Joe Walsh…This place rules!!! No labels or zines come to mind.
JC Also Descend, Dead of Night, Stepsister…

13) Have you guys played a lot of shows? With who & where?
WR We don’t play out very often, but do when a good opportunity shows itself. We’ve played with Dismember, Malevolent Creation, Morbid Angel, UFO, Iron Maiden…
JL I forgot about the UFO and Maiden shows. When did that happen? Musta been really drunk… Also Kataklysm, Nile, Krisiun, Incantation.

14) Any unusual touring stories you'd care to share?
JL We really don’t get out much…
WR No. Dora shit his pants one time in Jersey, though.

15) What is the best & worst things about being in a band?
WR The best part about being in a band is just rocking out on your songs with 3 other guys who love metal just as much as you do. The worst thing would have to be sending out a shitload of promos and not getting signed
JL I thought we were a 5 piece…It’s great to do the shit we wrote and watch people dig it. It sucks not getting all the free beer drugs and sex that we deserve. It is also expensive when no one really likes you. Plus it takes up a lot of time.
JC Best –It’s the best thing in the world… Worst? Being unable to excel in other areas of life, but that’s OK

16) What do you do outside of work from Soulless?
WR A few other bands… Dead of Night, Spawn of Satan… deliver pizza, suck tits
JL I work in the sign business and try to support Satan via the internet with various web sites that I have or help make happen. I just plain suck.
JC I fix Guitars and drink beer

17) Are you into any other styles of music besides what you play & who are some of the bands your currently into?
WR ‘70’s rock – recently been getting into Camel, Glassharp, BOC & Chuck Mangione
JC Blues Rules! Yardbirds, Cake, Bang, AC/DC, Johnny Winter.
JL I worship Blue Oyster Cult. I also get into some rock-a-billy kinda stuff: Eddie Cochran, Buddy Holly, Johnny Cash, Carl Perkins. I like some hardcore like GBH, The Exploited, The Accused, DRI and NO/FX

18) What’s the one CD you own that your a little embarrassed to admit you own?
JC Harry Connick Jr., When Harry Met Sally Soundtrack.
JL I’m not really embarrassed by anything I own, but do get made fun of a lot for Sinead O’Connor – The Lion and the Cobra and The Cure – Disintegration
WR Every CD I own is good.

19) Do you remember where you were & what you were doing when you found out about the World Trade Center attack on 9-11-01 in New York? Any thoughts on this tragedy?
WR Apparently it happened when I was driving to work. I found out when I got there. I didn’t actually see the footage until later that evening. It was terrible.
JC I was at work. An eye for an eye.
JL I was getting ready for work and listening to the Howard Stern Show when they started talking about what was happening. I turned on CNN and saw the second plane hit the second tower. I was filled with shock and intense anger. There are so many stupid people who out of their own laziness and ignorance devote themselves to ridiculous religions. All religion is to blame. These people will find out that although we as Americans may seem at odds with each other we are proud and united in our desire for freedom. We will kill them in ways they can not even imagine, and that is very good.

20) What are your views on the following topics: Sex, Drugs, Religion, Politics & the music industry?
JC Sex – would like some, Drugs – not for me (except beer), religion – don’t care, politics – don’t care, music industry – be your own industry
WR I really don’t see much action in any of these categories. My life is not affected by sex, drugs, religion, politics or the music industry
JL I don’t get much sex, probably because I am to busy doing drugs. I am very religious about beer, pot and metal, but not much else. Politics are a necessary evil that I keep a sideward glance towards. The music industry has too much to do with industry and not enough music.

21) What can we expect next from Soulless?
JL We’re in the process of breaking in a new bass player and getting new songs ready. Check our website for shows. I will also die or be arrested soon.
WR A full length thrasher – most likely a self financed and self released recording in March / April at the Mars Recording Compound. And an epic video. This record will kill everyone
JC Lots of ripping!!! More solos. (and some drinking as well)

22) Thanx a lot for doing this interview. Would you like to add anything to close out?
JL Thanks for the interest. Everyone should check out our web site: for upcoming shows, news and other crap. If you like us, let us know. God knows we don’t make any goddamn money with this shit. Women can also send us naked pictures of themselves if they are hot.