Thrash 'Em All - Poland, 2/03

1. Hello Jim! Firstly, can you tell me why American's SOULLESS sounds more Swedish than US’ style? Are you not a patriot, he? Don’t worship your national heroes- IMMOLATION, MORBID ANGEL? Shame on you!!!

Jim Lippucci (V): We are trying to be patriotic by showing the world that the US is still capable of putting out great music in a style other than traditional death or gore grind. We are also very patriotic in the beer we drink. We enjoy many fine domestically produced Ales, Lagers and Stouts.

Wayne Richards (G): There is no shame in sounding Swedish!!! Some of the greatest offerings in the history of metal were created by Swedes (At the Gates, Entombed, Dismember, Desultory, etc). We are influenced by a lot of Bay Area bands and early Swedish Death Metal, but perhaps the Swedish influence shows a bit more. Regardless, we are honoured to be compared to Swedes!

2. A lot of various influences in your music can be heard. What bands would you like SOULLESS to be compared with? Guys from your label compare your style with bands like THE HAUNTED, AT THE GATES and CARNAL FORGE. Do you approve it unreservedly?

JL: It’s cool to be compared to any band that is good. It seems people tend to hear musically differently, so it’s always very interesting to hear the comparisons.

WR: At the Gates was such a great band and such a huge influence on us. To be compared to them is incredibly flattering. We are inspired by Swedish metal, but to be compared to any good metal band is a privilege.

3. „Agony’s Lament” isn’t your debut album, actually. Unfortunately, I had no opportunity to listen to your previous stuff so can you tell me some words about the first full-lenght album of SOULLESS, comparing it to your new work?

JL: I think we like the new album a lot more than the first. The song writing, the production… everything is much better.

WR: “Agony’s Lament” is light years ahead of where Soulless was at the time our demo was released. “The Darkening of Days” was a 10 song demo that we put on disc (which gives the impression of it being our debut album) but had a more raw and unpolished feel to it than our new record. Soulless now has found it’s identity and the band is a bit more skilled and technical when it comes to putting songs together.

4. “Agony’s Lament” was released through Japaneese Worldchaos Production. I have never heard of them before so maybe you can tell me more of the label and your deal with Worldchaos? Why did you actually decide to sign with them?

JL: We became familiar with WorldChaos after trading CD’s with them. When we heard the Terror Squad release, we were very impressed. We couldn’t get any thing going with any of the labels we were speaking to, and then WorldChaos told us they were interested in our new material. After seeing the quality they put into every release and seeing the amount of promotion they put into their projects we had no problem making the decision.

WR: You need to hear Terror Squad, King’s Evil and Grim Force; all three are incredible thrash bands on Worldchaos Production. They were one of a few labels that expressed interest in Soulless, they gave us a great deal and they have since been promoting and backing the release with a mighty force.

5. Jim, I know you write for SOULLESS. Can you tell me, what types of feelings do you prefer to write about? There’s a lot of hate in your words, a lot of bad, bad things...

JL: I seem to channel most of my anger and frustration into my words. It keeps these bad, bad things from interfering with my every day life…The world is a bad, bad place.

6. The guy from “Agony’s Lament” artwork doesn’t feel really comfortable, don’t you think? By the way, are you sure Matt Cavatta is of sound mind guy? To be totally serious, that’s stunning artwork!\

JL: I would imagine that the Devil Worm is experiencing some moderate to sever discomfort. Matt seems normal but if you were to check out the work he’s done you’d begin to fear for the safety of his wife and child.

WR: Matt is a completely normal, well-adjusted individual. His artwork provokes violent imagery, yes; but I can assure you he does not seem like a psycho art fiend. Blood nor piss nor fecal matter were used in the art.

7. As I read in your bio you had been playing with lots of bands throughout the years. What were the most memorable ones? What was the most funny thing that happened SOULLESS on stage?

JL: I scraped my knee onstage once and then blew huge snot out of my nose which got caught on camera. Everyone was very happy for me.

WR: Jim was in Decimation & Domestic Crisis. Chris Dora (our drummer) was in Integrity, Ringworm, Decrepit, among others. Jim Corrick (Guitar) was in Dahmer. Dave Johnson (Bass) was in Ascension.

8. I noticed a kind of a declaration “Thrash Till Death!!!!!!!!!!” on the album. Tell me Jim, are you so devoted to thrash metal or it’s just a nice-sounded slogan?

JL: That my friend is a way of life. I know it’s hard to believe, but all of the well paying gigs, the beautiful sluts, the world travel…they are just added bonuses to loving thrash. Playing this type of music makes me very popular with all of the cool people in the world, but I really, truly love it.

WR: That’s a song off Tankard’s thrash masterpiece “Zombie Attack.” We are a thrash band, we live it, we love it & it is what we do. It’s a simple 3 word phrase to convey what we are all about.

9. No doubt, thrash metal was born in the US but that’s really tragic what happened with your great thrash metal scene through the years. But now it looks like a rebirth or rather a plague, a lot of bands have reformed and wanna play old good thrash metal. Don’t you think it’s a little trendy shit?

JL: I get a little pissed and annoyed. We’ve been toiling in the underground, trying to keep alive a type of music that we love, music that most people around here could give a fuck about, and now these guys decide because some new people are interested, it’s time for them to care about the scene again. Where the fuck have they been? On the other hand, there are many bands that I have never gotten to see play live, and I really would love to see them. I wonder whether or not it will suck, though…

WR: There is no such thing as a thrash plague. There can never be too much good thrash. Perhaps if these bands (bands like Exodus, Vio-Lence, Destruction, Nuclear Assault, etc.) hadn’t taken years off or completely changed what they were doing in their prime, people would have more respect for these bands. However, just because a band from the 80s reforms in the new millennium doesn’t mean they can’t kick ass again. Destruction was a phenomenal live show and they truly are still a great thrash band.

10. You have recorded METALLICA, OZZY OSBOURNE, JUDAS PRIEST, TWISTED SISTER, W.A.S.P. and DESTRUCTION cover songs on their tribute albums. What caused you to do that so frequently?

JL: They asked us to.

WR: Playing cover songs of our favourite bands was a blast and we received enough money to record these tributes and also songs of our own which became a promo we shopped around.