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Inerview with Preecha Chumkong:
November, 2002

1. Please present yourself and Soulless to the world?

Wayne Richards: Guitar player, Soulless.
Jim Lippucci, Vocalist

2. About to your CD "The Darkening of Days" could you tell us some detail of them? How many hours a day you rehearse? And where it recorded, mixed and master?

WR: Rehearsals were usually between 2-3 hours once a week, The Darkening of Days was recorded and mixed at Spider Studio in the summer of 1998. Very short recording process, Darkening was recorded as a demo in a matter of a few days (less than a week), not much attention was put into the fine details of the recording process, lack of patience in the production aspects also hindered the overall outcome of this recording. This was recorded very quickly but we were well rehearsed as a band...the band's overall vibe is definitely present in this recording, but this outing is a shell of what Soulless was to become...
JL: We never had that recording mastered, couldn't really afford it. I don't think we even planned on putting it out on CD, people we gave cassette demos to suggested it was CD worthy, so we just went ahead and pressed it.

3. How was the response from U/G scene when it out? And how many copies have you sold?

WR: Soulless was well-received in the Cleveland scene when the recording came out, although shows were few and far between. Copies of this disc are extremely limited (1000 were pressed) and our supplies are nearly depleted.
JL: I think we have a dozen or so left. People liked it more than we though they would…

4. What about to you new material? It can out now? What can we except of them?

WR: The new record "Agony's Lament" will be out on the Japanese powerhouse metal label Worldchaos Production in late autumn 2002. You can expect a whole lotta thrashin' from us and a quality metal release for the masses of true metal freaks who still love to thrash and bang without regard for anyone who gets in our way
JL: The release on WorldChaos will be in late November, if you like thrash, you will be very happy.

5. What about to your lyrics? Who wrote them?

WR: Jim Lippucci is our brilliant lyricist
JL: I pay him to say that. I write about the living hell that is my meaningless existence. And puppies

6. Are you participated in any compilations?

JL: We appear on 6 different Dwell Records tribute compilations, Ozzy, Metallica, Judas Priest, Twisted Sister, W.A.S.P. and Destruction.

7. Do you have any side-project? Does anyone from the band play in other bands?

WR: I am in Spawn of Satan (satanic thrash), Caveman (prehistoric thrash), Goosebread (folk)
JL: Soulless does not allow me to participate in any other projects, not that I would any way. That's just a distraction from what really matters.

8. What are your metal roots? And tell us about to your top 10 favorite bands and zines?

WR: Give a listen to some of these great bands: Iron Maiden, Slayer, Metallica, Judas Priest, Voivod, Motorhead, Exodus, Kreator, Sodom, Tankard, etc...Terrorizer and Sounds of Death are great magazines.
JL: I love Black Sabbath, Blue Oyster Cult, Trouble, Kreator, Destruction, Sodom, Voivod, The Accused, Celtic Frost and Iron Maiden. I really don't have the time or money to read a lot of zines, maybe I will when I sell out and become rich someday.

9. How does you girlfriends accept the music you play as well as the lyric of "Soulless"?

WR: My ex-girlfriend never cared for or about Soulless
JL: Women despise my existence

10. Do you like football? What do you think of World cup 2002 in Korea/Japan? Are you visit them to cheer your country team?

JL: What you call football we call soccer. I don't like games with no scoring where you can't use you hands. I guess we have a national team but I don't really care. American football is very violent and exciting, Although our cities team, The Cleveland Browns, really suck!
WR: I LOVE the Cleveland Browns, but I must say soccer is pretty gay

11. Could you tell us about to you favorite horror and porno movies? What is the last porno movie you are listening to with your girlfriend?

WR: Night of the Living Dead, Zombie, Dead Alive, The Re-Animator, The Exorcist, The Omen, Evil Dead films, Texas Chainsaw Massacre, etc...Jenna's Revenge (OOOOOHHHHHH!!!!!) she gets her butt licked real good!
JL: The Exorcist, The Omen, Rosemary's Baby, All Evil Dead movies and Night of the Living Dead are great movies. I find that porn is very degrading to women…That's probably why I like it so much. I don't have a girlfriend to watch it with, though.

12. How many gigs have you played yet and where? What were some of the most exiting life experiences?

WR: We probably have played around 30 or 40 gigs in the 5 years we've been around. Mostly Ohio gigs. Exciting life experiences: Touring Europe with Nunslaughter was classic, meeting Superhost, being revived after being dead for a full minute, seeing Dora (our Drummer) crap his pants in New Jersey...
JL: I was very excited when I met Darth Vader here in Cleveland when I was 9. Getting my leg chopped off around that age was exciting in a very frightening kind of way. Beyond that everything else pretty much has sucked.

13. What do plan for the near future?

WR: Tour! Support a good band like Centinex, Carnal Forge, The Haunted or really any good Swedish Thrash band. There are none in the States.
JL: We can't wait for our album to come out and we've been begging WorldChaos to let us come to Japan and tour in April. I also plan to drink a lot of beer very soon.

14. What do you know something about South-East Asia U/G scene?

WR: I heard you can get caned for moshing.
JL: I have to admit I don't know much…Don't the Muslims cut off your hands if you play thrash?

15. Merchandise for sale and detail?

WR: We have shirts with just the logo and "The Darkening of Days" printed below it. Maybe a few pairs of shorts left...if Dora didn't crap in them
JL: We plan on having a bunch of new merch for the new album. Keep checking out or web site for details.

16. OK! Thank for the answer & good luck with all! Anything to add in conclusion?

WR: If you want to bang your head and pound your fists to quality thrash metal, check us out, you will not be disappointed.
JL: Our new album, "Agony's Lament" Will be out in late fall. Check it out. For more info visit WorldChaos Production at Thanks to all the thrashing freaks, and to you Preecha, for supporting the underground!!!! Horns Up!