1 Hello guys, how are things going for Soulless these days? I suppose You're in full promotion of Your "Agony's Lament" just released..?

Jim Lippucci (Vocals): Things are pretty cool. We're beginning to really get going on our end of promotion here in the US. We've got a lot of promos and press kits to send out and have a whole bunch of shirt designs being made right now…We're really stoked about the new album.

Wayne Richards (Guitar)- Things are well…We're pushing our new album right now, playing some shows here and there and just having a ball with the whole damn thing!

2 It's been about half a year since Soulless got signed to Worldchaos Production... How is the cooperation going? Are You pleased with Worldchaos Production, "Agony's..." promotion, etc?

JL: They're a great fucking label. They have really gotten behind the album. They've gotten us on some comps and hooked up some pretty cool interviews and shit like that. Plus they've been distributing tons of flyers and putting ads in 'zines. They put a ton of promos out there to…They're really professional and know how to get shit out there.

WR- Worldchaos is an amazing label. They have been more than generous and have done everything they said they would do. They're really doing a good job of promoting the record and getting out it there for people to hear. Soulless is extremely pleased to be a part of the Worldchaos family of metal.

3 Wasn't that a great surprise to You guys, that a Japanese label gives You a better deal than any US based label? Why is that the case You think?

JL: It was a little surprising. From the stuff we'd heard that they put out, we thought Soulless would be a great fit on the label…but we never thought they'd actually be interested in us. When it happened we were blown away and totally honored. We had tried shopping our stuff to American labels, and even though our music kept getting good reviews, nobody really seemed interested. A couple of labels showed some interest, but for whatever reasons they had they decided against us. I sort of think that our music just isn't really the thing in the US right now, and they didn't think we'd sell enough records. There don't seem to be many American bands playing thrash.

WR- We sent our promo to a lot of labels that we thought would be into Soulless enough to get the proper finances together to put out a quality metal release. Worldchaos has some good thrash bands that we have some similarities with, so we thought this label would be into our stuff. Turns out they are into Soulless in Japan! They really like their thrash over there. American labels don't give a shit about Thrash anymore. They are more interested in releasing the next Korn clone/bullshit band to sell to hundreds of thousands of angst-ridden retarded teenagers. Europe and Asia are way more into metal than the United States.

4 You've played shows, opening for such greats as Incantation, Malevolent Creation, Morbid Angel, Nile... recently played with Immolation, Vader to name a few... I guess Your live performances must be really kicking ass? I mean - these names say it all...

JL: We're really having a great time playing live these days. This lineup is awesome and I think we feel really comfortable together. We're pretty tight and have been lucky to have chances to play some pretty cool shows.

WR- Our live show is always a good thrashing fun time! We've been fortunate to play with some of our favorite bands and you can rest assured we'll be playing many more shows in support of the new record.

5 I find it hard not to ask You about Bloodsick... It has been years since You've decided to ley it to rest, yet recently there came out a split of Bloodsick with Spawn Of Satan... Do You often go back to those years? It must have marked Your existence somehow..?

JL: The Bloodsick demo's been sitting around for years and Jim Sadist (Nunslaughter, Spawn of Satan etc.) has been after me to get it out for a while. He pretty much hooked up the deal with some kids that just started up a new label/distro (Hell's Headbangers - www.hellsheadbangers.com). It's cool to see it out finally. When we formed Bloodsick, I hadn't been in a band for a couple of years. It was a chance to jam with some freaks that I'd always wanted to make metal with. It reminded me how great thrashing metal could be, and taught me the metal is the only path

WR- Me too.

6 I've to addmit, that the power and aggression that striked me of that material made me feel bad I didn't check out on You guys earlier! How do You manage it today, with the quality thrash metal scene practicaly forgotten these days..?

JL: We manage by playing thrash and forcing it down kid's throats. It seems every now and then some kid will wake up out of their generic chug riff induced stupor and feel the power that is thrash.

WR- When you come to the realization that metal is all that you need, it's quite simple to continue on in the same fashion that you always have (which is basically just living a life filled with disappointment and metal being the primary source of joy.) Beer and chicks also really fuel the creative flames of the Thrashing process…mostly beer, though.

7 How would You describe Your new "Agony's Lament" comparing it with the earlier "The Darkening Of Days"?

WR- "Agony's Lament" is far superior to our first recording in every way. It's a pissed-off, vicious and violent whirlwind of in-your-face thrashing metal to pound your head to. It's really a different band at this point. "The Darkening of Days" was recorded as a demo, the production was OK and the songs were good. "Agony's Lament" is what the Soulless lineup should have always been…this is a solid thrash record with excellent production and songs that annihilate the songs from our previous effort. Soulless is extremely pleased with the new album.

JL: With WorldChaos' support we were really able to do everything the way we wanted it, from the production to the artwork and packaging. I think we're all pretty happy with the way everything turned out. The first CD was just sort of thrown together and there were many compromises that had to be made because of money and bullshit like that.

8 Great cover art work... seems to show aggression, destruction, pain, brutality, very sick and twisted... Were did it come from? It surely goes well with Your music...

JL: A guy here in Cleveland by the name of Matt Cavotta (www.cavotta.com) did the artwork. He's done some other metal art work for Somnus, some friends of ours here in town. We had the album finished, yet the artist who agreed to do the artwork originally basically disappeared. I talked to Matt a couple of times by e-mail, and gave him some simple concepts. He pretty much then went ahead and did whatever he damned well pleased, and got the art done in less than a week! It turned out fucking great.

9 Any comments on the "The Ring" movie? What would you guys do, knowing there's a week left before it's all over..?

JL: I haven't seen it. No one really likes me all that much, so I have to go see movies alone or wait till they're on video. It's very depressing, going to a theatre by oneself…all the stupid happy people with their fucking stupid faces…

WR- What is a "movie"? It's all going to end in a week?

10 What is Your opinion on the negotiations with all the countries involved with world religion terrorism... Holy war's and shit... all the time wasted, no clear solution, money spent on that would easily be spent on releasing every record on the wolrd!

JL: Religion is very stupid. For some it is a positive, enlightening path in life, but for many it is a social and political yoke of oppression. Few people truly believe in or practice the main tenets of their faiths, and many follow blindly, doing as they are told because they are too lazy or stupid to find there own path. To often religion is used to frighten the poor and uneducated allowing deranged zealots and madmen to gain incredible power and wreak havoc on the lives of those who refuse to subscribe to their ludicrous beliefs. Yes, More metal!!!!

WR- I'm really not interested in things that don't affect me personally.

11 What other bands/project are Soulless band members involved in?

WR- I play guitar in: Caveman (Prehistoric Thrash), Spawn of Satan (Satanic Thrash) , All That Is Evil (Thrash), Goosebread (Acoustic Insanity). Chris Dora (Soulless drummer) is also in Caveman, Spawn of Satan and All That Is Evil.

12 Would You try to point the greatest dissapointment for You guys on in the music world of the last couple of years ?

JL: Well if you are speaking generally, outside of just the metal realm, I would have to decry the state of American radio and music in America as a whole. It's become this big ball of corporate crap, with no variety and a bunch of Nu Metal shit. Fuck all that. Also Metallica turning gay made me very sad.

WR- I heard that Freddie Mercury was gay! That shocked me. The whole trend of this gay rapping over stupid chug riffs, and this is what people call metal now???!!! This cannot be good for the future of mankind. When I was growing up it was Iron Maiden, Metallica, AC/DC, Black Sabbath, Judas Priest, etc…for the most part, bands that are still around today! Do you really think Disturbed or the 50 gay bands that sound just like them will be around in 20 years? Where is the uniqueness in a band's music? Where is the originality? It is a dismal time for music and it has been bad for a while. I do like metal, though.

13 Suffer The Fallen, Empty Deadness, Terror Of Twilight... Any special message to be found in Your lyrics? What would be the things that inspire You most?

JL: Suffer the Fallen and Terror of Twilight are very much inspired by my anger at the destructive nature of organized religion and the manner in which people use religion to deny people of their self worth, their identities, their entire right to self determination…other songs are inspired by my inability to interact socially with anyone and my general disgust with most things human.

WR- My riffs symbolize these same ideas.

14 What would be the bands that inspired You mostly in the song writing area? What bands/music are You guys into these days?

WR- Metallica, Slayer, Iron Maiden, Sodom, Judas Priest, Exodus, Voi Vod, Celtic Frost, Razor, Entombed, Dismember, At the Gates, etc… Lately been into Centinex, Carnal Forge…

JL: Sabbath, Maiden, Blue Oyster Cult, Kreator, Anything Wayne said, Trouble, Johnny Cash…I must give high praise to our Label mates, King's Evil, they fucking thrash.

15 Years ago, most of the music around was created under the influence of drugs'n alcohol abuse. These things seem to be changing for some time now... Would You agree with that?

JL: If this is in fact changing then we are at least trying to do our bit to change this disturbing trend. We have been known to consume large quantities of alcohol, and I believe an altered brain is a happy brain. The kids mustn't be afraid of beer. They need to rage; it's the natural order of things.

WR- I drink some beers to make the metal good.

16 So... where will the next Pope come from..?

JL: I've heard of a certain young Cardinal from Minsk who has been causing quite a stir in Rome. Not sure of his name…They say he'll really turn the papacy on its ear.

WR- Someone's bunghole?

17 How come the world doesn't see what the christian church intitution does really offer?

JL: People are lazy and fear change…they are desperate for anything to believe in to somehow paint a happy face on their meaningless existences…but what do I know? I can't even get a decent job or haircut.

WR- I think it's what the church does offer that makes people shy away from it. The church offers the raping of your children, stealing your money, and waking you up at ten in the morning religiously, by knocking on your door loudly.

18 What would You tell all the narrow minded, blind christian lambs out there?

JL: I would tell them "God is dead, Hail Satan! All Hail Adrian!"

WR: That's mean, Jim. I would say, "It's too bad that you can't see, but you would make a tasty gyro."

19 Don't You guys get any frustrated, with all the world around watching G.W.B. and the US military trying to "heal the world"... how do You feel about all that..?

JL: Let the world watch, I say! I'm sick of people criticizing the US for our policies. Our country has helped save the world from tyranny, liberated people all over the planet from dictators and war. We are known for our boundless charity and most great innovations of the past two centuries were brought about in America. Now we will use our superior technology and shear power to decimate any who threaten our way of existence. It seems the world finds blood distasteful these days, so once again it will be up to the Americans to do the dirty work. And once we're finished other countries will condemn and ridicule us, look down their noses at us…all the while enjoying the freedom and safety that we secure…

WR- I'm really not interested in things that don't affect me personally, but I like beer and metal.

20 So, tell us what are Your plans for the nearest future, with a deal in You pocket & a release that's getting such a good response...

JL: We just need to promote the fuck out of the new album…spread the word…play shows. I'm hoping that this will score us some chicks, especially chicks with beer and pot…We're starting to get some new material written and I'm thinking of learning to fence, just like Bruce Dickinson.

WR- We plan to dominate for a while. You know, take over the reigns and deliver the goods this time around. The metal world is like a big piece of toast and Soulless is the sweet, delicious butter that must be spread generously to achieve thorough enjoyment and complete satisfaction.

Thanks a lot for the interview! Wish You best of luck with Soulless! Would you like to add anythink to sum it all up?
WR- Check out the Soulless Thrash Assault! www.soullessdomain.com www.world-chaos.com
JL: Hails Diabolous!!!! Thanks for the interview!

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