Dark Wrath Web Zine

Try to introduce your band.

Jim Lippucci: I sing
Wayne Richards: I play guitar

Would you like to describe your last album?

JL: Agony’s Lament is a molten slab of blistering thrash that will rape your ears and twist your mind.

WR: A thrashing, raging, pissed piece of metal that cannot be denied.

What's the sense of life for you? Scared you the idea of death?

JL: My life is very dumb. Because of that I am not so afraid of death

WR: My life is fabulous, I live for beer, metal & my buddies. Death will eventually come, but I don’t dwell on it.

What are Soulless' main influences?

JL: Metal, for me Trouble, Kreator, Sabbath, Celtic Frost…Voi Vod

WR: Iron Maiden, Metallica, Slayer, Celtic Frost, Voi Vod, Kreator, Sodom, Destruction, Coroner, Entombed, At the Gates, etc…

What does inspire your music? (porno and horror movies, marijuana...)

JL: I am inspired by the stupidness of my life. Also, marijuana, Mescal and beer.

WR: Being in a metal band is the greatest feeling in the world, and just the thought of continuing on as we have for the past 6 years inspires me to keep on pumping out the thrashing tunes!!!

What do you think about the actual thrash metal scene?

JL: It’s cool

WR: The US thrash scene isn’t all that great (Deceased is great), but a lot of great European bands still thrash like mad (Dismember, Centinex, Destruction, The Haunted are still kicking ass).

What's concept behind your band, what do you mean to comunicate to those that listen to your music?

JL: We want to make great fucking thrash and remind everyone how great that shit can be

WR: We are here to thrash and rage and kick as many asses as it takes to get our point across that metal still kills everything!!!

Do you think the thrash metal is a real attitude or a style of life?

JL: Metal is a lifestyle for those who love it

WR: I suppose if you’re into thrash you should probably drink beer and rage a lot. It is a very comfortable and joyous lifestyle for me. Your attitude doesn’t matter as long as your not too much of an asshole. Just be cool and enjoy metal!!!

What do you think of your production and promotion? Feelings with your label?

JL: We are very happy with the record. WorldChaos fucking rules!! They are a great label

WR: Worldchaos has done a lot to promote Soulless and bring us a step closer to where we want to be as a band. They have really been a fabulous outfit to be a part of and have done everything for us that they said they would. This is a rare thing in music, so we are very pleased to be where we are. We are very happy with the sound and outcome of “Agony’s Lament.”

Soulless as persons (for example: your hobbies, jobs, collections, dish, smoke...)

JL: Well I work a shitty warehouse job that really sucks. I enjoy drinking and listening to / playing metal with my thrash metal brothers. I also enjoy destroying my house and others while drunk and listening to metal. I very much enjoy eating cheeseburgers and my mom’s home cooked pasta.

WR: I deliver pizza so I can have money to spend on beer & metal. And pay off college loans and other repair bills for Jim’s house (AKA The Metal Den).

What's your personal contribution to the underground?

JL: hmmmmm…hmmmmm…not very much it seems…I’d better get busy…Oh wait, I invented the blast beat.

WR: I invented fire and tape trading, and sewers so you can actually get to the underground area.

What's the meaning, for you, of the word "extreme"?

JL: Extreme has become a cliché. It’s a word that I try to stay away from

WR: Extreme was a gay band with a hot guitar player.

Do you remember of a show where you had a particular good time?

JL: They are all ragers, with much headbanging and drinking!!!

WR: Our last show at Annabelle’s in Akron, OH was quite the rager. Lots of good, cheap draft beers and a quality metal showing by the Akron community of thrashers!

Any final comments...

WR: If you don’t have the “Agony’s Lament” CD, You can get it from www.soullessdomain.com We also have lots of good merchandise to make you be as metal as you can be.