Darkness Web Zine

1.-Hails Metal brothers!!! How are you there?

Jim Lippucci: Very well, thank you.
Wayne Richards: Better than you.

2.-First of all I would like to say thank to World Chaos Production for bring me your CD "Agony's Lament"... Well, this is your second work.. What diferences you find compairing with your first production?

JL: We feel the songwriting is much better, and we were able to give proper attention to the production.
WR: This is a record & that was a demo. We spent more time & money and put more blood & sweat into this album. The difference between the Soulless sound on the 2 discs is night and day.

3.-Hearing your "Agony's Lament" I find some influences of bands like At the Gates, The Haunted or Carcass in their "Heartwork". Tell us... What are your mos important influences in the time of compose?

JL: Personally, I enjoy Kreator, Trouble and old thrash along with some of the bands you mention.
WR: Iron Maiden, Slayer, Metallica, Celtic Frost, Kreator, Entombed, etc…

4.-Why the name of Soulless? Maybe is because you bring all your soul and heart in the time of compose and in your gigs?

JL: One could contemplate these eternal questions, but then one would miss out on the beer and the thrashing, let it meant to you what you think it should, throw back some fine ale and let the metal take you away…
WR: At the time, the name wasn’t taken. Now there are about 4 or 5 bands called Soulless, but really there’s only one band that matters!!! The thrashing drunk one.

5.-Telling about gigs... How would you define a Soulless's show?

JL: A good show will have loud obnoxious yelling (both during and between bands and songs) drunken freaks raging and breaking glass and then falling in said glass, sweat, blood and an occasional tear.
WR: METALTHRASHING MAD!!! A lot of beer, broads and brothers of metal! We always have a raging good time with some friends who come to bang and pound!!
6.-everybody have hobbies.. What hobbies have the memebers of Soulless?

JL: Not much time for hobbies…I used to collect comic books but then metal made me poor. Sometimes I like to sit in my backyard and read books that I steal from the library, But not so much in the wintertime.
WR: Reading, jogging, going to bars, yelling, pounding beers, driving around and weaving from lane to lane while the metal blasts your ears off!
7.-George W. Bush wanna make the war against Irak like his father made in his time... What do you think about this? I don't find any reason to this middle east conflict... What do you think is the reason?

JL: Well, this guy that is the president of Iraq, Saddam Hussein, wants to kill all Americans. He also has provided haven and support to terrorist groups involved with Al Quaeda, you may remember that they crashed planes into various buildings in America a while back, killing about 3,000 people. He uses his wealth amassed from oil not to feed his people but to pursue the acquisition of chemical, biological and nuclear weapons which he will not hesitate to use against the American people and our interests. Also please try to remember that it is not just America, but a coalition of over 40 nations all willing to spill their blood to try and provide some stability to that region and there by make the world a safer place. I really don’t understand why people have a problem seeing this.
WR: If Iraq would have complied with UN regulations, they wouldn’t be getting destroyed right now. Instead of following rules, they rebelled and now they are dying. Hussein is a real moron if he thinks he’s going to rule again anytime in the future. His whole military is wasting away right now. He should have been killed years ago, but I can’t wait to see the day of his death. He is a real asshole.
8.-Future Plans?

JL: Shows, beers, buds…C’mon!!!
WR: Beers, Tours, Records!!!!

9.-Something that would you like to add?

Yah, check out www.soullessdomain.com...and fuck off and die to all Muslim extremists who threaten the safety and prosperity of our planet.