Aquelarre Magazine #9 February 2003, PERU

1-The first question that pops in my mind and since it’s the first time that SOULLESS is featuring in Aquelarre Magazine, can you travelback in time and inform us what led to the creation of the band and which were the main goals surrounding this project?

Jim Lippucci: Chris (Dora, Soulless drummer) and I played together in a band called Bloodsick. That eventually turned into Soulless. We were always about thrash. It’s what we love really love. Just because thrash has been around for a while, doesn’t mean that it’s over, or irrelevant. It can still rip your face off.

Wayne Richards: Soulless started in late 1996 in the death/thrash vein, just playing shows and having fun doing what we were doing. Things progressed over the years, the music kept getting better and most of the band began taking Soulless seriously; as a way of life. Those who didn’t live for the metal we were creating were replaced by those who now are true thrash fiends! Now “Agony’s Lament” is out and we’re being praised for our efforts! Hopefully this record will give us a chance to do some touring and continue to get good financial support from a label that will allow us to continue making more metal!

2-SOULLESS produced “Agony’s Lament”. What did you like about producing? What would you change?

JL: We like to be in control or everything. We all have a say in the process and everyone contributes ideas not only in regards to their own performances but in other areas as well. I don’t think there is much I would change. You would always enjoy the luxury of being able to spend unlimited time in the studio, but over all, we’re very happy with the CD.

WR: I don’t think I could handle an outsider telling me how to do something or which way to play a part in a song that I wrote. If the band has ideas on something, I’ll listen and either agree or disagree, but in the end it’s up to the band to decide what is a good take and what is not. Soulless would have difficulty following the instructions of a producer.

3-How have been reactions to this work at the moment? Did it meet your expectations?

JL: The reactions seem positive, and I think we’re very happy.

WR: We have been overwhelmed by positive response from people all over the world who are really into the record! There are so many people across the globe who dig our stuff, and it’s just excellent to know that there are still a lot of thrashers out there! Metal is definitely alive in the new millennium!

4-I will mention some definitions and I would like your opinion about them: Death metal, Fanzines/Magazines, Sex, Drugs, Humanity and Death ?

JL: Death metal and Zines are great. Especially when coupled with sex and drugs… humanity is basically crap (except for the people involved in death metal and those involved personally with my sex and drugs). Death would be good for most of humanity, which is great as it is quite inevitable for all.

WR: Death Metal: the most pissed off form of musical expression…not to be missed! Fanzines: fans of metal write what they please about whatever…some zines are good, some horrendous. Sex: something that is always enjoyable Drugs: metal is my drug of choice… Humanity: Be nice to one another…most people are dicks, though. Death: I just wait…try not to think about it.

5-How do you see the situation here in USA? War, deaths …

JL: It’s unfortunate that most of the world hates us. America has been the world forerunner in science and innovation the past 100 years. Americans have died on foreign shores in world conflicts to liberate the oppressed. The US has assisted countless nations with money, manpower, humanitarian aid…Yet still the world condemns us when we are bold enough stand up against true evil and destroy it.

WR: The majority of the world needs a history lesson on how many times the U.S. has helped out an oppressed country or a region in need of food, medical supplies, etc…Americans are fighting for the freedom of not just our country, but striving to attain peace for the entire planet. Perhaps peace cannot be attained without a war. Saddam is a dick.

6-Would you like to describe the atmosphere of a concert of SOULLESS? With which bands do you have alternated?

WR: An all out thrash fest! Banging heads, pounding fists and a bunch of drunken metalheads armed with beers and body odor! Always a thrashing good time! We’ve played with Morbid Angel, Incantation, Nile, Immolation, Manowar, etc…

JL: A bunch of dudes just as ugly as we are getting wasted and trying to hit on the few females that were brave and horny enough to show up screaming and banging, beer swillin’ and spillin’ and Thrashing and raging! We’ve played cool shows with bands like Nunslaughter, Somnus, Descend, All that is Evil, Spawn of Satan and Manticore locally.

7-What kind of literature you read and music you listen to nowadays? What bands do you appreciate nowadays and why?

WR: Been reading the Tom G. Warrior autobiography, The Bon Scott novel, Ian Gilan’s book, Run to the Hills (Maiden Book, CLASSIC!) Recently I’ve been playing a lot of Trouble, anything Dio, Blue Oyster Cult, Accept, Motorhead, Iron Maiden, Centinex, Opeth, Metal Punishment…

JL: Haven’t done much reading lately…I read just about anything that involves robots or Satan (or both). Recently read the Book of Kryon and The End time Prophecies. Lately I’ve been listening to a lot of Trouble, Celtic Frost, Johnny Cash and Voi Vod plus many German and Swedish bands.

8-Talk about others musician of SOULLESS.
WR: Chris Dora, our drummer who really likes to look at chicks and go “OOOOOOOHHHHH, look at that chick, she is hot!” Jim Corrick, our guitarist who loves getting trashed, telling you “Hey, you’re nothing!” and just destroying furniture and carpet. Dave Johnson, our mellow and distinguished bass player who rages on stages.

9-Future Plans for SOULLESS, new songs, etc?

WR: We have 3 thrashing songs written since the release of “Agony’s”, and we will continue playing gigs around the east coast area and look at touring options in the future.

JL: We will be recording a new song in the next few weeks for the upcoming “Heavy Artillery II” compilation which will be released by Cleveland, Ohio metal label Auburn records this summer.

10-With which bands and zines have you made contact? What contacts do you recommend me?

JL: I am beginning to get a little confused; so many great zines have been getting in touch with us in the past weeks, it’s difficult to keep track. Metal Judgment, Metal Update, Metal Gospel, Check out, a cool distro…There are so many great supporters of metal out there…

11-Are you planning to come to South America? What are your conditions?

WR: There is always a possibility of a South American tour, but it would probably have to be in support of a bigger band touring there. Conditions are: free beer, free food, free broads, free beds and $200 per show. No, I really don’t know what our demands would be, but they would probably be pretty stiff.

JL: Don’t forget Airfare. Drugs are nice too. Did we say beer?

12-Thank for the interview, anything that we didn’t cover or you’d like to say?

WR: Thanks Dante…Visit us at and get thrashy!
JL: Thanks for supporting metal. Many Blasphemous Hails!

Well, that’s all for now I think. I really do hope to hear from you again very soon!!!


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