Mortal Zine

1.How is it going the

Jim Lippucci (V): Very well, and you?
Wayne Richards (G): I’m great Jim, thanks!

2.I just received your new „Agony´s Lament“ CD. Hereby I have to admire that. How long did the working process last?
re over the ocean?

JL: It took us about three months to get everything recorded, mastered, art layouts, etc. I think. Everything went very smoothly.

WR: Much longer than expected.

3.That is your second album, but I don´t know much of your debut, can you review that in a few words now?

JL: Somewhat less evolved than our new album. But very much in the same style.

WR: The “Darkening of Days” was a demo we pressed on disc limited to 1000 copies. It was a good first effort (named demo of the year in 1999 by Brave Words & Bloody Knuckles) but is inferior to what Soulless is doing now.

4.Why did you decide for the thrash metal when the most of american bands want to sound more brutal?

JL: I don’t think it’s a choice that we make, but rather thrash has chosen us. We cannot deny our calling.

WR: Soulless is the result of years of great metal being pounded into our brains and this has shaped us as people and musicians. Soulless is the expression of each individual of the band working together towards a goal of metal dominance. Thrash happens to be what we love and what we live and that is what comes out in the music. ARRRRRRRRRRRRGGGGHH!

5.How much have you been influenced by the scene of 80´s from Bay Area?

JL: Very much. Early Metallica, Exodus, Testament, Journey…great fucking metal.

WR: Possessed, Forbidden & Slayer (etc) are incredible bands that have inspired us as a band. I would love to have been playing in that time period in that scene. That was metal. like swedish scene definitely...At The Gates, Haunted...?!

JL: Yes, their style is very much thrash, and to be commended. Other great bands include Centinex and Carnal Forge.

WR: We draw inspiration from At the Gates for sure, it’s an honor to be compared to the kings!

7.Concerning At The Gates...what do you say to a band´s break-up and their last album „Slaughter Of The Soul“...?

JL: I suppose all things must end. That album is very pissed. It’s fucking great.

WR: One of my favorite records ever, it’s so fast and heavy, thrashing and vicious. Apparently the band didn’t see eye to eye on everything. The breakup was mystifying to me because At the Gates hit their peak with this record (probably the best metal record of the 90s) and all of the sudden they were done. The Haunted can’t touch what At the Gates did.

8.I know your band is included in different tribute albums from Dwell Rec. What do you tell me to this?

JL: We like to play covers of bands that were influential in our metal development. When the opportunity came to have studio time paid for and easy exposure, we seized it.

WR: We got an opportunity to record some songs of our favorite bands so we jumped on the chance to do so. It was a blast, and we love playing covers, and we had some cash left over to even record some of our own material.

9.I can feel a strong aggressive riffs but also melodic lines in your compositions. How much are the melodies important for you?

WR: Iron Maiden was always a huge influence on my playing, so the guitar harmonies are there in our music. Perhaps if Maiden was a thrash band, Soulless would be very similar to that (without the devout following of metalheads the good looking singer and the ability to live off the money the music would make). We like harmonies to be incorporated into the thrashing madness.

JL: Yes very much.

10.CD is released by Japanise Worldchaos Prod. Did you have also other selects? How are you satisfied with their work till now?

JL: WCP is doing a tremendous job with promotion and distribution. The album has recently been licensed by them for release in the USA and Brazil.

WR: WCP has been promoting “Agony’s Lament” like a son of a bitch. We are extremely pleased with their efforts and their continued perseverance to spread the word of Soulless.

11.What about a recent thrash scene in the US? There is definitely no more 80´s...!?

JL: Yes, it is now 2003. But thrash lives. Thanks to many great bands in Europe, many are again discovering that this music kills. People must remember the roots of death metal, and appreciate that thrash can still rule all.

WR: The greatest metal is from the 80s and that shit’s on my stereo all the time. No more 80s? Maybe not for you, but my well-being depends on 80s metal. I can’t live without it. I think the recent thrash revival is great, I hope Soulless can capitalize on the resurgence of thrash make some damn money!

12.I´m very into your American´s looking at forthcoming attack in Iraq?! How do you view to your president G.Bush?

JL: I am very happy with his actions. Religious fanaticism and tyranny threaten the safety of all on this planet. At least the Christians mostly harm only their own children, and don’t blow shit up. Let’s face it; most Muslims hate the West because we don’t sleep on rocks and we have too much fun and eat pork and shit like that. They blame us for the asshole Christians fucking up their shit with all the Crusade bullshit. Their mandate is to destroy infidels not subjugated to their ridiculous beliefs. The Iraqi regime wants to aid those who would harm us. They’re just first on the list. And our Allies better support us. I could think of a “friendly nation” or two in need of a good as kicking. George Bush is pretty much a moron, but it seems the people controlling him know what they are doing, so everything should work out…

WR: Bush is a bit of a robot. I hear he’s infamous for his extremely bad breath and oversized testicles. Most of his personal thoughts are already written out for him and it seems his main goal to be “the President that made the world a better place through killing all the terrorists” is a bit unrealistic. There will never be such a thing as world peace. Since the beginning of time there has been conflict and there will be conflict until the end. The United States has proved that War does not solve other countries problems, so why does Bush think he is the man that will finally do it? I don’t really care either way. Saddam is definitely an asshole, but until he poses a genuine threat to the United States, a war should not happen.

13.Have you ever been in Europe? How do you find living in the US?

JL: I haven’t. I would certainly like to go…I enjoy life here. The beer is good…the pot is decent and plentiful…I would say it’s quite enjoyable.

WR: I toured Europe with Nun Slaughter in 2000 on the Repulsive Revenge tour with Centinex. It was a grand time and I can’t wait for Soulless to tour Europe. The States are fabulous, and everything you’ve heard is true.

14.You already played with Malevolent Creation, Morbid Angel, Nile ...death metal much are you into death metal and how do you view to american brutal death bands?

JL: We very much enjoy Death Metal. There are many great bands in the US playing hell bashing metal.

WR: I love death metal, but the better death bands were from Europe. Old Autopsy, Death, Immolation, Obituary, Deceased, etc. were great. But I was always more into stuff like Entombed, Grave, Sinister, Dismember etc.

15.Do you something of Slovakia? ...or some band of our country?

JL: Not very much. Sorry...

WR: I hear the sausage is good.

16.What do you prefer to listen to in the last time?

JL: Blue Oyster Cult, Kreator, Trouble are currently in my CD player.

WR: Iron Maiden

17.What would you want to say to your fans here in Slovakia?

JL: Thanks for your support. I hope we can come drink and thrash with you soon!

WR: We appreciate your support and your desire to thrash forever! Check us out at!

Thanks for answering.