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Bloodsick formed in the Summer of 1996.   The Band was founded by singer Jim Lippucci, And Guitarist  Todd (Blood) Thozeski. Jim had been inactive for sometime after the failure of "Decimation" and hard-core band "Domestic Crisis ( D/C )"  and was burning to play   metal when he started running into Blood, a friend from high school.  Blood, actually sang for D/C years back and had recently Played guitar for Cleveland hard-core band "One Life Crew". Drummer Chris Dora, Then playing in "Decrepit" and also drumming for Cleveland's "Integrity" decided to take on yet another project in "Bloodsick". He brought on board veteran Cleveland metaller Brian Sekula. Brian, of Cleveland's legendary "Terror" was at the time playing guitar for "Mortician" and welcomed the opportunity to jam with Dora and longtime associate Lippucci.  The lineup was completed with the addition Of Chris ( 213 ) Pello.  Chris was a long time veteran of the Cleveland scene, having started out  playing bass for Parma's Lek ( The jock itch of hard-core!) and The original incarnation of Cleveland's Ringworm. At the time he joined Bloodsick, he was singing for Cleveland murder cretins Apt. 213, and hadn't played bass in any band for some time.   Bloodsick began writing songs and playing shows and eventually recorded six songs at Spider Studio in  Oct. of 1996.  Two of those songs appeared on the split   7 " w/ Nunslaughter. In 1997,  Sekula and Pello left the Band.  The group continued on, replacing Sekula with Jerry Kessler, But when Blood quit in 1998 The group decided it was time for a bit  of a new direction. The Death of Tom Rojack in 1998 All but sealed the fate of "Decrepit", and Bloodsick became Chris Dora's main focus.  Lippucci, Dora and Kessler decided to lay the Bloodsick moniker to rest   and began looking for players to join their as-yet unnamed  metal project...

2003 saw the release of the Spawn of Satan /Blodsick split CD and split 12" vinyl via the Mighty Hell's Headbangers Label.  The release contains the balance of the material recorded October 1996 and was A crowning touch for these shortlived yet dynamic thrashers.

Bloodsick Mp3's

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