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mvnewban75.gif (25394 bytes) Painkiller's Review (10/25/99)
From the opening riff of 'Devilish' I knew I'd like these guys. Soulless combine the speed of black metal with old school thrash to powerful effect.



evilskull.gif (17279 bytes)The Darkening Of Days features 10 tracks that will rape your mind of any morality you may possibly have left.


metal-rules_header.gif (16189 bytes)Soulless have unleashed (pardon the pun) one of the best independent recordings of the last couple of years. This is a band that has successfully taken its influences and used them to make their own distinct sound.


fubarm-banner.gif (4154 bytes)Overall, I think Soulless' "The Darkening of Days" is a great disc. What we have here is a talented and versatile band and in light of this "Pimp rock" movement, Soulless are here to play straight-up ripping metal. Less attitude, more Metal.


mgbanner.jpg (10529 bytes)You know how sometimes you start up a disc and it just slams you in the face with intensity? Well, this is one of those discs!!  The production is excellent and it's great to see metal with this much strength being released in the States.


metalj2logo.gif (16814 bytes)This is a band that is worthy of note...The music is good, the songs strong, and the band members know their instruments...I think they've done a fantastic job on the entire package, they care about being a band, and that comes through in the music.


ubr.gif (2093 bytes)Two questions come to mind, then: Is this band good enough to kick the shit out of most death metal bands?  On this count, the answer is a resounding "yes."  Is this band as good as All That Is Evil?  Oh, no.


Anorexia Orgasm

If you are really a Thrash Metal Mania, you will say that this album is the best Thrash Metal album in 1999. You can see how well they're playing the music. Their idea is so brilliant by mixing the basic of Thrash Metal in 80's with the Death Metal riffs with melody, technical and dark wave.


pre2.jpg (11530 bytes)Prelude in Darkness-SOULLESS - The Darkening Of Days - Traditional death metal that also includes trash metal parts in some songs, not boring at all, aggressiveness, good performance and handle of the times.


Metal Fanatix Their music is very tightly composed, which is very good for an unsigned band. The sound is a cross of thrash and death metal, it's a very good combination, very aggressive in every way. If you interested in catchy riffing and drumming styles, this is a band for you.


tomb-logo.gif (14094 bytes)They are playing Death Thrash metal with influences from bands such as Arch Enemy, Slayer, Unleashed and Carnivore but they are not that good as these bands. Not even half this good to be honest. Most of the songs are uninspired and the album becomes boring quickly...


soulkiller.gif (3881 bytes)definitely listen to it all the way through, this is not a band who can be classified after a single riff, and they've got some serious potential for next time around.


plague.gif (3189 bytes)Based on the band name and Pavement-esque cover art, I was expecting Soulless to be faceless death merchants with crap production. Within the first few seconds, all preconceptions were wiped away, as Soulless instead deliver some finely-tuned, heavy-ass death-thrash of the first order...


audi aggression.jpg (27112 bytes)Neckbreaker Webzine: "SOULLESS The Darkening of Days"- I see a promising future for these death/thrashers because it totally left me speechless and that's no bullshit. Record labels will be approaching them soon.


wolvesblood.gif (21172 bytes)In the vein of newer sounding thrash (not Bounce Metal though) come Soulless... Amazing production can be found also, as everything can be heard, and heard clearly....


solemn.jpg (32856 bytes)Soulless really show their influences here, with tracks and riffs they remind you of the Celtic Frost, Sodom, Destruction etc...Unfortunately one finds nothing new here as the band seems too stuck to hail their idols and surely needs some fresh ideas.


nightrutual.jpg (14994 bytes)...If you like a bit of this and a bit of that in your metal, you should give this a shot, as SOULLESS have put out a fine self release...