Hell's Headbanger's / Metal Enterprise
Recorded Live July 4th 2003, Valley City Ohio
16 track live recording/engineering by Beaker
Mixed by Dave Johnson at Badback Studios, Medina Ohio
Jim Lippucci - Vocals
Chris Dora - Drums
Wayne Richards - Guitar
Jim COrrick - Guitar
Dave Johnson - Bass

Nunslaughter / Soulless Split 7" EP on Devil Red Splatter Vinyl w/ Insert

On July 4th, 2003 A satanic metal legion invaded the sleepy backwoods town of Valley City, Ohio.  This horde gathered to revel in freedom and rage in true metal mayhem.  The home of Matt Pukebomb was transformed into hell, until local law enforcement intervened.  But for a time beers were raised and heads were banged as hell's fire worked it's black magic. Features live versions of "Bleeding Darkness" And "Downward".  A truly satanic BBQ.
16 track Live engineering and recording by Beaker Studio
Mixed and mastered by Big Metal at Bad Back Studios, Medina Ohio

Beaker Mobile Digital Recording Truck
Ripping Metal
The capacity crowd approves


Scorn on the 4th of July
shirts commemorating the July 4, 2003 celebration performance in Valley City, Ohio with metal legends Nunslaughter.  Devil art forn, Soulless/Nunslaughter logos back. Red on black

$12 US $17 World
Very Limited!!
Sizes - L-XL-XXL