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Assorted Photos

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Jim Corrick

Dora loves to pound his skins

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Soulless, Fall - 2000

"Come over here and say that!"

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More live Dora

Tony's Bored

Wayne, Aug. '00

Jim pretends he's ozzy
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Chris helps out college station WRUW during their annual pledge drive

The lethal Amazon Tree Bat descends upon an unsuspecting victim

Rasheed will kill you

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Jerry raises a beer to the crowd!

  Wayne Richards:  Guitar

Studio-A Winter, '00 Cleveland, Ohio

Live at Peabodies Down Under,  Winter '99

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Bill yucks it up

Wayne, Mars Studio, Summer, 2000

Tony grooves to "Rocky Mountain High"

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Chris blasts furiously!

Mars Compound Shalersville, Ohio

President Clinton addresses The United Church of Satan.

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Chris Rages at WRUW Studio-A

Frost Rules!

Jerry at Studio-A