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From "Forever Defiantt" 2007
WorldChaos Production - KDM 022

What Remains?
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What remains when all has gone,
When embers fade and twilight dawns
When dashed hopes and faded dreams
Crowd the soul as silence screams
To desperate nights and dismal days
To solitude and dark dismay
The failed fights and wasted years
The bloody paths and trails of tears
What remains but death and lies?

What’s left for man when dreams have died
When sorrow calls and troubles rise
When winters ice denies the day
When all is dead and swept away
When empty void consumes the Soul
And vile venom takes it hold
When mourning’s veiled shroud descends
And suffering life is slow to end?

What remains to be? The blind will never see...
Spare me from disgrace this shame I cannot face

Standing by with blinded eyes led to slaughter, crucified…
Denied by all, betrayed in time - forgotten dreams,
Tired lives

Children of a barren future, a wasted crop of flesh
Fodder for the teeming masses bred of ignorance
A sacrifice to long fallen gods, the ancient rite prescribes
A right to slaughter, consent to kill, a fucking human bribe
My eyes grow sad, my heavy heart longs to beat its last
How could it all have come this,
How could this come to pass?
My weary mind, so frayed by time
Locked away to roam
Abandoned to the desolation, darkness take me home…