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From "Forever Defiantt" 2007
WorldChaos Production - KDM 022

To the Death
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Sworn enemy, bred to die
Born to vengeance, wrath is mine
Tear the unborn from the womb
Defiling corpses in their tombs

A fist full of fury a sword to my foe
A taste of reprisal for those who oppose
A demonic nightmare to rip you to hell
Know terror, know torment, know hatred’s black spell

To the death, all swear the oath
Commit the soul to the death
And by your word sealed in blood
To the death…To the Death!

Mass devastation the bleak scarlet tide
Annihilation, vengeance is mine
No hint of existence allowed too survive
The judgment is final betrayal your crime

To the death, commit the soul
Sealed in blood to the death

Amidst the crimson pools and corpses
Severed hands grip broken swords
Your brother’s and your enemies
Lay mangled in death’s throes
With valor and with honor they battled death’s embrace
And for their blood and victory now offer up your life
Now offer up your life
And in their name you’ll fight and die
So your children will survive
To the death we cry!