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"The Darkening of Days - 1998
Self Released - ME-01

The Darkening of Days
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Lone desperation the terror of loss dark leprosy of the soul
So many regrets so many the days lost stumbling through the cold
Oh the things I would change just give it all back - rescue the dead from the grave
Still time forges on there is no recourse - leave the corpse to decay

Step by step and line by line the saga begins to unfold, the trial of life and the judgment in death
The object at stake is the soul. Blinded by pride self regard the scourge
Without eyes it lashes away. In the end we see what it is we’ve destroyed
And we’re trapped in the wreckage of rage

All of the chances that I’ve thrown away, so selfish so stupid so blind
How can it be that would dwells in the heart can become so distorted in mind?
So simple in word, so simple indeed! Yet reality does not agree. When it’s all at an end
And the flood’s run its course we’re left with this damned misery

Lone desperation the terror of loss - The darkening of days
Frantic frustration there is no recourse - Leave the dead to decay