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"The Darkening of Days - 1998
Self Released - ME-01

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Look to the sky for answers it seems bleeding scarlet mists paint elliptical scenes
Long censured demons assail the soul arise from tortured exile and feed on this woe!

Devilish it seems, massacre all dreams, uncertainty takes hold, tragedy unfolds

Call to the earth with riddles that burn grasping for reason as a bleeding soul yearns
Beg on your knees for reason or rhyme Still the demons confound this tortured mind

Inevitable it seems. Tortured anguished screams. Destiny I fear, Looming ever nearer

Demons ascend …

Crawl along on bloodied stumps grasping for a hold longing for some sanity reeling from each below
Self-immolating effigy consumed by stinging flame loathsome disgraced miscreant wallowing in shame
And so the battered carry on deluded with false hope, abandoned bleeding miserable myopic misanthrope
So fool the self live the lie and you may trick the mind - but none can spare the absolute ravages of time

So smell acrid uncertainty, its foul rank fills the air stumble blindly into desolation’s cold and bitter layer
Stifle tears, deny the death - yet death has taken hold , throttling your haggard neck and loosening the soul!
And so the baneful specter shall claim his paltry prize, as you gaze pathetically into his hollow eyes
Still searching for the answer, some moral to this tale, the only lesson that you’ve gained-the certainty you failed!

It’s certain that you've failed! Let misery prevail!
All hope, all hope is cast away. And the darkening of days...
Know loss, know his toothy grin, and pain, a pain that never ends !!!