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Agony's Lament - 2002
- WorldChaos Production - KDM 010

Empty Deadness
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Torn out the very core of being, specters vex man
Tears flow, quenching the flames of torment - This pain eases theirs
Forced in, lost to the dread of ruin, born to bleed
Saviour, where's this so-called salvation?
It does not exist! - It does not exist!

Malevolent despondency, phobic mind in agony
Prepossessed to blasphemy, remanded to eternity

Held down asphyxiated slowly blazing despair
Mind raped the soul and heart in ruin - madness creeping in
Tears flow, dark rivers churning nightfall - drowning shadows
Fade now, last light of day eclipsing…

Empty deadness rots so deep within you
Wrenching, writhing as demons begin to
Gorge themselves on this cold rotting carcass
Ripping, tearing as blind faith departs you

Still you cling to old beliefs, wisdom of a lie
A fairy tale where dreams come true, and goodness never dies
And in this world of make believe
Exist, truth, hope and faith; ignorant and unaware as reality decays

I've seen it now to many times, every time I close my eyes
The wicked truth of destiny, and destiny denied
So often the path of fate twists right through the mouth of hell
The heavy pall, the dying dirge, the echoing death knell

Oppressive darkness drains your senses as madness takes your mind
Lost in twilight's choking shadow, a pawn in death's design
This bleeding night is gagged with blood this blood as thick as thieves
The gory specter robs your life and murders all your dreams

Deranged by roaring silence - Spurred to raging violence
Empty deadness creeps in - Grief will claim this withered soul